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Switch Clip by Magic from Holland and Ray Joel is a brand new switching device disguised as an everyday object.  And the best part?  The card is in view the whole time.   

Have a spectator select ANY card from a well shuffled deck. Without looking at the face of this selected card, it is folded into quarters and placed in a bulldog clip. Only a small portion is clipped and the card is in full view. The clip is placed aside.

A second card is freely chosen and this time, this card can be signed by the spectator.
You now can do your favorite signed card routine, like an ambitious card routine.
At the end of your routine the signed selection is gone! Completely vanished...

You now point to the clipped card and remove it from the clip. The card is unfolded and turned out, it IS the signed selected card!

You can also customize the gimmick to use it with bills, predictions or business cards, as well as cards of any back design.  

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