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Completely impromptu and gimmickless bill change!

Alex Aarvik teaches you 50 selected tricks including the legendary Goofy Style series

An Angel is captured in the reflection of a lighter, only to emerge triumphantly from the flames.


The SELF-WORKING, 3-phase miracle...with a mind-blowing ending.


Add a FLASH to your performance!


Start learning right away with the FREE download!


Any card is chosen, signed, & placed back into the deck. The spectator takes out his wallet. His signed card is found in his wallet!


Great Laughs!


The ultimate way to introduce a Sharpie.


The most impossible "Stab To Your Card" trick ever!


Prepare to rethink what you knew about Paddle Tricks! 


An impossible balance of three coins!


Stretch a borrowed ring!


Cause ANY card, initials, number, or simple shape to appear ON A SPECTATOR'S HAND!


The ultimate demonstration of psychokinesis.