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From the creative mind of Tom Lauten comes "357"

Predicting the lottery seemed unlikely - until now!

Was: $38.00
Now: $20.00

A secure and easy method that works 100% of the time!


A brand new take on the portable book test!


"An ingenious and devious solution to an age-old problem." - Luke Jermay


From a small lunch bag and out pops what appears to be an eight foot solid oak pole!


The perfect finale to a billiard ball routine!


The perfect opener for parlor or stage!


Great Laughs!


You don't touch anything, you don't even look, and yet...


The rarest effect in magic: suspension...


The ultimate demonstration of psychokinesis.

In the blink of an eye half the magician's body vanishes...
A trick you can sink your teeth into.

Turn ordinary water an eerie dark black and then clear again!