Sponge Effects

3D Rabbits: Set
The classic multiplying rabbit routine.
And Then There Were 4
From one of the masters of close-up magic, Al Goshman, comes this sponge routine that you will love.
Big Bunny
When the magicain opens his hand the ball changes into a large (7 inches tall) sponge rabbit!
Big Red Hand

Have you ever been caught Red Handed doing your magic?

Birthday Cake: Sponge
Happy Birthday!
Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square
Sponge ball changes into a jumbo sponge square.
Donut: Sponge


Make a donut appear!

Everlasting Sponge Balls


Packs in your pockets and can entertain 500 people!

Foam Brick

A very realistic-looking but light and perfectly safe foam brick with many possible comedy uses.

Foam Microphone

Great for comedy magic and entertaining children with magic.

Foam Pips

These Pips would make a great addition for your sponge routines.

Inexhaustible Sponge

It NEVER runs out of water! Gaetan Bloom's amazing and hilarious routine.

Miracle Rabbit
When the magician opens his hand the ball has changed into a large (5.5 inches tall) sponge rabbit!
Orange Tree

Make a tree instantly grow and bear fruit... not just any fruit, but oranges!

Purse Frame
Reach inside and pull out coins, sponge balls, almost anything!