Money Effects

400 Lux by Kyle Littleton

Completely impromptu and gimmickless bill change!

Bill To Marker by Nicholas Einhorn

A borrowed bill vanishes and reappears inside your marker!



Breach by Patrick Kun

An eye-popping miracle you can carry in your wallet. 

Buddha Money Mystery
Change one item into another - with no skill!
Cash Flow

Juan Pablo did it again! This time he has created "Cash Flow", the quickest and best visual bill change never seen before, and just using one hand. A DVD containing a great variety of explained tricks is included with this gimmick.

Changeling ODO

The Ultimate Changeling.


A visual change of a bill to a Chapstick!

Cool Cash

A collection of impromptu bill switches that are perfect for any magician!

Copy Cash

The only examinable, triple changing money trick!

Cornered by SansMinds

The corner of a bill moves to the center!

Cortana by Felix Bodden

The fairest penetration effect - with nothing but two objects!

Debajo by Juan Luis Rubiales

Cause coins, a dollar bill and a key to appear... beneath four NAMED cards! 

Dollar to Bubble Gum by Twister Magic

The FRESH variation on "Dollar to Credit Card"!

Dollar to Credit Card 2.0

Transform a dollar bill into a credit card in a blink of an eye!