Manipulation Effects

C4: Capcuts DVD
ll those insane cuts & florishes can now be learned on this DVD!
Dragon Fanning Deck

Allows the performer to create at least four different colors of fans.

Everlasting Sponge Balls


Packs in your pockets and can entertain 500 people!

Fakini 1 3/4" Designer Multiplying Billiard Balls

Fakini's 1 3/4" Tournament Billiard Balls are the finest in the world. The Special Edition Designer balls come with two shells and are perfectly styled for a contemporary billiard ball act.

Fakini Ball Shell 1 3/4"

Fakini's 1 3/4" Tournament Billiard Balls are the finest in the world.

Fanning and Manipulation Cards

Brilliant colors on it back so you will able to perform fantastic combinations when fanning it.

Fanning Powder
This powder makes the oldest deck fan like silk.
Hank Ball

The hank ball is an amazing manipulation gimmick that many magicians do not know about.

Manipulation Cards: Nielsen (Flesh)
These cards make manipulation an even greater pleasure!
Manipulation Cards: Vernet (Flesh)

These cards have an original design from Vernet.

Multiplying Balls
These balls look like handfuls of diamonds.
Multiplying Balls: Climax
This is a perfect finish for the Vernet Multiplyng Balls.
Multiplying Balls: Colors

A classic in magic and now available in a rainbow of colors.

Multiplying Soap Bubbles

Add poetry to your act.

Palming Coins: Nielsen

Silver Dollar size and as thin as a dime!