Jay Sankey

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A killer effect combined with an ingenious handling!

Performed by David Copperfield and Criss Angel on National TV!
A Clear Switch Bag Made With The Close-Up Magician In Mind!
Four hundred pages of the original newsletter, containing tricks from the greatest close-up magicians of our time.
"This is one of my all-time favorite routines to finish almost any series of card effects!"
Don't pass up THE FINE PRINT because it's so inexpensive...
Mentalism is the art of exploring and revealing hidden connections.
"What inspires BELIEF in other people? Things they can SEE."
An outstanding effect with everyday objects...and it virtually works itself!
Routines and stunts with paper money.
A truly mind-blowing impossibility!

Over 2.5 hours of wild new coin magic featuring a parade of breath-taking new techniques.

A drawing on a signed card comes to life!

Hit your audiences between the eyes.


"Inside the envelope is a prediction of the exact card you will select."