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Finally, the new book by magic master Pit Hartling.


A collection of memorized deck magic.


A wide range of original effects, plots and methods for the memorized deck (of the twenty-one routines, three require the Tamariz Stack)...





Echoes - High in the mountains, cards behave in mysterious ways. Three cards. Three free selections. Three perfect echoes.


Catch Me If You Can - It‘s sleight of hand vs. test conditions in this impossible two-deck sandwich routine.


The Poker Formulas - Deal any poker hand to any number of players. A Full, Threes over Jacks for nine players? You got it. (No math or memory required).


Close Encounters - Same cards from different decks like to meet up and hang out. A best-buddy triple coincidence.


Sherlock - An incredible »impossible location« using a shuffled stack (!) (Oh, and it’s funny, too!)


The Core - Find a thought-of card and see why a deck is like a piece of fruit. Also: How to peel a deck!


Thought Exchange - Why do all the work alone? This time you find their thought-of card – and they find yours!


Duplicity - A gambling demonstration for people who don’t play cards: Duplicate random hands from a shuffled (!) deck.


Just like that! - "Teach me a trick!" You do, they succeed - and they have no idea how they did it!


Four Way Stop - A slow-motion quadruple stop trick. Not so easy, but Oh. So. Fair.


Top of the Heaps - Four random packets. A freely named four-of-a-kind. And for once, the laying-on of hands really works!


Impossible Bet - Four packets change into a Royal Flush? In one second, with one hand, without looking? Yep.


The Illusionist - Cut to a freely named four-of-a-kind – that was actually in your pocket the whole time!


Identity - A triple back and forth change of random cards into a named quartet. Highly visual (and rumoured to get screams!)


Fairy Tale Poker - The enchanted deck that will grant your spectators’ wishes! (Talking frog not included).


The Right Kind of Wrong - Sometimes dead wrong is exactly right - if only seen from another deck!





»Don't let the subtitle ›A Collection of Memorized-Deck Magic‹ fool you: this book is of tremendous value to anyone who's interested in clever, artful card magic - regardless of whether or not you ever use a memorized deck«

— Simon Aronson


»In the first years after ›Mnemonica‹ there were many contributions in form of ideas and tricks by many magicians, but without a doubt, the most coherent and creative corpus, the most distinct and profound work were the effects created and published by Pit.«

— Juan Tamariz


»What are you waiting for? 
Buy this book.«

—  John Lovick, Genii Magazine


»Pit Hartling is one of the best card magicians on the planet. A work that bears the Hartling stamp. A fantastic achievement.«

— Jared Kopf, MAGIC Magazine


»I will make this a short review: You need this book; you’ll love this book; you’ll learn from this book; and you’ll add routines from this book to your repertoire. That’s it. Close the magazine, get on the Internet, and buy a copy. In Order to Amaze packs into its 252 pages more useful, thoughtful, ingenious content than a thousand one-trick DVDs. In Order to Amaze is extraordinary. I give it my highest recommendation.«
— Michael Close, M-U-M


»Simply put, a wonderful book on every level. Everything about this book exudes quality. The routines are all universally excellent. I just love Pit’s ability to turn even the most potentially boring card ›experiment‹ into a funny, engaging, lay-people-pleasing piece of entertainment. For goodness sake, just go and buy this book!«

— Mark Leveridge, Magicseen



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