Artifice Deck: Second Edition

Perfection was just the beginning...

Cat's Paw

Make a random CAT'S PAW appear between your hands to steal a borrowed coin!

Fallen DVD

The entire deck openly falls through a card.

Messado Rings

This highly anticipated ring and DVD set are finally available from Tannen's Magic!

$44.95 - $74.95

Only Switch You'll Need.


You won't believe your ears!

PYRO Wallet

One of the easiest products to get a big reaction with.

Quiver Coin Holder

Empty hand to "full of coins" - with just one push!

Quiver Plus

A revolutionary new switching device that is disguised as a standard looking coin pouch.


Hijack anyone's cell phone


A taste of nostalgia.

The Advocate by Daniel Madison

Daniel's MONSTER reputation maker!


Daniel Madison's undisclosed weapon of choice.