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10 incredible original effects developed with real-world venues in mind.

Anthony Owen Lecture DVD

Anthony Owen's acclaimed magic and mentalism lecture at the 2007 MacMillian Convention.

Art of Magic DVD

Magic history and powerful performance pieces.

As I Recall...2-DVD Set
Slydini's students pay tribute to the man, the mentor, and the magic.
At The Table DVD
Bon appetit!
Baltazar Fuentes And His Magic DVD

Meet and learn from the most brilliant underground legend of magic.

Bill x Bill DVD
From penetrating borrowed and signed bills to moving spectator signatures at will.
Bubble Gum Magic DVD's

Hard hitting illusions with bubble gum!

Business Card-iographic DVD
Business Card-iographic is a stunning promotional giveaway.
Captured! Outlaw Magic #2 DVD

"A True Outlaw in the Field of Magic"


Ten excellent routines from Daniel Chard!

Conscious Magic Episode 2 ONLY

The real work on performing magic and mentalism in everyday environments. 

Conscious Magic Episode 3 ONLY

Make the magic you create even better. 

Conscious Magic Episode 5 ONLY

"This is my kind of magic!" - Dynamo

Conscious Magic Trilogy (Episodes 1-3)

Episodes 1-3 now available in a Limited-Edition Box Set!