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See why Andrew's ensures his clients keep coming back for more.


We see them everyday. They're at our offices, our homes, even our schools. We can't escape them!

A Great Comedy Effect

From a small lunch bag and out pops what appears to be an eight foot solid oak pole!


Great Laughs!

If you've ever seen Martin perform this, you know how funny it is!

A trick you can sink your teeth into.


The ultimate, most comprehensive guide to one of mentalism's most versatile routines.

The two balls look the same but behave very differently.
Hand them your magic wand and it breaks apart in their hands!

It just might be the most powerful way to reveal someone's thoughts...


Make a random CAT'S PAW appear between your hands to steal a borrowed coin!


Transform a deck of cards into a cell phone!

A classic of magic.
Duck, duck, ....