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The performer displays a deck of cards and explains they are used during psychology tests in order to develop and determine special, hidden abilities. 


He shows the cards, whose faces are either entirely red or entirely black. He gives the deck to the spectator to shuffle. When the spectator believes the cards to be well shuffled, he gives the deck back to the performer. 


The performer holds the perfectly squared cards, closes his eyes and positions his open palm over the top of the deck; no one can see the color of the cards' faces. After a moment of concentration, he announces the color of several cards. When the cards are checked, the audience can see that the performer was correct. He then hands the rest of the shuffled deck to someone new. When the spectator is convinced the cards are well shuffled, the performer recommences the process. The performer guesses the colors of the remaining cards, one by one, each verified by the audience to be the correct face/color selection. 


-Specially printed cards
-Detailed Instruction by Benoit Drager


-No mirrors or magnets
-No wax or chemicals
-No wires or drawing/printing
-No installation or counting necessary

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