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The power to freeze objects in your spectator's hand with just a simple blow. 

Replacement Bang Rings for your coin effects.
The Bite Out Coin was featured on David Blaine's Street Magic Special.
$10.00 - $11.00

The quickest, cleanest way to hold-out and produce coins at will.

Perform impossible looking coin magic.

Vanish and reproduce a coin just inches away from your spectator's eyes!

Coins appear, disappear and penetrate through the box.

A coin visibly melts through a clear plastic bag!


Matter through matter - the Chatelain way!


A gorgeous, brand new edition with coins made to be the perfect size and weight!


Just three Chinese coins penetrating a ribbon...


A Classic piece of magic using beautiful Chinese coins.


A large Eisenhower Dollar appears on the tip of the tweezers!


As featured by David Blaine in his TV special.


As featured by David Blaine in his TV special.