Cigarette Effects

Acrobatic Matches

This is a very strange box of matches...

Animated Cigarette

A cigarette slowly floats out of its pack and into your mouth.

Bare by The Other Brothers

Cause ANY card, initials, number, or simple shape to appear ON A SPECTATOR'S HAND!

Break The Habit

The very best Torn & Restored Cigarette you will EVER perform!

Cigarette Thru Quarter

As featured by David Blaine in his TV special.

Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks

This is by far the most complete book on this subject.

Linking Wooden Rods

Perform all of the old favorite cigarette sleights with these wooden rods! Just because cigarettes are not politically correct doesn't mean you can't astound viewers with your manipulative skills.


Learn this FISM winning sleight-of-hand worker's cigarette magic on this 3 DVD set. Includes all of the gimmicks!

Match Pull

Simply load with strike-anywhere matches and when you need one.

Undivided DVD
Martin Lewis brings the classic Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper.