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Black Moon

Take Black Moon anywhere and you?ll be able to prove you are a living Master of the Mind!

Black Moon: Refill

This is a Black Moon refill package.

Book of Numbers #2: Qebhsennuf

If you thought number mentalism was about arithmetic, you don't know The Book of Numbers!

Book of Numbers #3: Tuamautef

Here is the final volume, devoted to stage mentalism.

CM2: Cellular Mitosis 2

The Highest Level of Cell Work

Hey Mr. DJ

Mentalism You Can Dance To!

Invisible Stranger

It hides in Shadows and Impersonates the Innocent

Jagged Edge

A secret billet technique for mentalists, complete with DVD.

Little Black Book Test

Finally, here is a book test that stands out from the rest.

The Rosini Secret

The Ultimate in Close-up Billet Reading

The Secrets Of Dr. Tao

Three Original Close-Up Monu-Mental Effects Designed For Walk Around Cocktail Parties.

The Whispering Buddha

An Amazing Classic Brought to Life!

Top Shelf

Everything you need to get started in performing at top end night clubs, restaurants, and bistros.