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A spectator names a card. The deck is spread, and the named card is seen reversed in the spread. The magician raises the spread, revealing that every other card in the deck is BLANK.
An easy-to-do, offbeat card routine that never fails to impress.

10 incredible original effects developed with real-world venues in mind.


"An ingenious and devious solution to an age-old problem." - Luke Jermay

The Amazing Jumping Arrow is destined to become a classic.
Sponge ball magic is some of the most powerful in the arsenal of professional magicians.

Add a FLASH to your performance!


The perfect opening card trick.


Since 1981, Michael has used and refined his design of the Topit. Now at last, he has combined his experience as a teacher of magic and thirty years of performing with the Topit into an ultimate Topit Pattern. 

An incredible display of psychic prowess.

This is the cleanest Triumph effect ever created.


A very visual method for the coin in bottle effect that allows you to perform the effect under test conditions.

From one of the masters of close-up magic, Al Goshman, comes this sponge routine that you will love.
Perfect for any gambling demonstration or magic routine with a gambling theme.

Enchant a deck of cards or a matchbox at will. A breath of life!