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Each time you unfold the paper, it gets bigger and the illustration magically changes.


Animals, colors and a puzzle. It's a no-sleight trick with a big surprise reveal.


Animania is another great tool for the mentalist!


A cigarette slowly floats out of its pack and into your mouth.


This exciting new DVD series explores the work of Annemann and his Jinx contributors in a scholarly way, analyzing not only the presentation of some of the strongest mentalism ever created but also the thinking behind the effects.


On volumes 4, 5 and 6, Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti return to the same school and do it again, but with many amplified versions of other Practical Mental Effects material. For most of these routines, Richard changed the workings and methods slightly (or sometimes very significantly) to make the effects more direct and streamlined. You will love his thinking!


Start learning right away with the FREE download!


Leave the spectators with an inscrutable souvenir.


For a century, the methods of S.W. Erdnase have been studied, practiced and written about by countless card experts. One person who spent a lifetime studying every detail of this landmark book is Darwin Ortiz. The copious notes he kept while meticulously dissecting each move and every sentence of The Expert form the basis for The Annotated Erdnase.


“A wonderful piece of theatrical magic.” –Derek DelGaudio



Welcome to Anthony Blake's world!


Anthony Owen's acclaimed magic and mentalism lecture at the 2007 MacMillian Convention.


The Anti-Faro is a groundbreaking discovery and a singular leap forward into the design and construction of effects utilizing the faro.