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Prepare to rethink what you knew about Paddle Tricks! 


The rarest effect in magic: suspension...

Was: $250.00
Now: $200.00

An impossible balance of three coins!


The classic ball and tube trick.


Vernet's perfect hiding system for billiard-style balls to be used in your multiplying and manipulation acts.

The magician removes the ball from the vase and places it in his pocket. Suddenly, the ball reappears inside the vase.

This amazing handkerchief will jump around in your hands and fly through the air.

Balloon sculpture is a fun, easy and fascinating pastime.

Double action hand pump.


Meet and learn from the most brilliant underground legend of magic.

These effects run the gamut from psychokinesis, telepathy, predictions and psychological influence.
Make the value of a spectator?s playing card slowly appear on your arm in blood red...
Do you want to find a needle in a haystack?
Learn how to bend cold, hard steel with the ?power of your mind.