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A New Angle

"Full of thoughtfully constructed routines that will not only entertain and fool, but will naturally inspire you with creative possibilities." - Daniel Garcia 

A Piece of My Mind

A collection of mentalism routines developed over a decade by Michael Murray

A Series of Unfortunate Effects DVD

Dealing with a mix of wacky personalities, including eccentric magicians and crazed card collectors, Chris and Ben go on a quest to learn the real secrets of magic in a first-ever, cinematic, magic-learning experience!

A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin

This amazing and often dangerous classic gets a stunning update from one of magic's greatest, modern minds - Wayen Houchin.

A Trip to The Circus

A seven minute solid comedy routine that has a great twist and plot that is ready to entertain audiences of all kinds!

ABC Deck

David Blaine's custom-made playing cards for the channel of his magic specials, ABC!

About Face

A killer effect combined with an ingenious handling!


The plot is simple: take out two folded cards from your wallet - one red and one blue -- and perform the most visual and easy transposition inside of your spectator's hands.


A burnt book of matches transforms an impossible object that your spectator can keep!

Absolute Zero by Sansminds

The power to freeze objects in your spectator's hand with just a simple blow. 

Abyss by Lloyd Barnes

An Angel is captured in the reflection of a lighter, only to emerge triumphantly from the flames.

ACE by Richard Sanders

A disturbingly clean 4-card change that happens in the spectator's own hands!

Ace Fulton's Casino, Femme Fatale

The highly collectible Ace Fulton’s Casino playing cards in an all-new black and pink colorway.

Ace Fulton's, Classic Ed.

The original Ace Fulton Cards are back!

Acorn Playing Cards

A Conjuring Arts Research Center classic!