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Wise Guy: Harry Anderson

Here at last, is the whole story behind America's most successful comedy magician. From his early days in the street, to head-lining in night clubs and casino showrooms, to the starring role on TV's hit series, Night Court.


An impossible souvenir made from two signed coffee stirrers!

Wizard Academy by Mr. Mysto and John Carney

Simple tricks are often the very best, and the most entertaining. But whether you are a child or an adult, it is important that you get off to a good start, establishing the fundamental principles that will make for a great magician. This book delivers that, and more.

Wizard Dark PK Ring: Flat Band
Flat band styled fashioned into a black contemporary finger or thumb ring.
Wizard Dark PK Ring: G2 Curved
Curved band fashioned into a black contemporary finger or thumb ring.
Wizard PK G2 Ring
More power. This one is N40+.
Wizard PK Ring DVD

There is so much it can do...

Wonder Bubbles
Magically snags a bubble out of the air, drops it onto the ground... the bubble is turns instantly into a glass ball!
Wonder Floating Balloon by RYOTA

The Real-Magic that is performed in various Japanese television programs and dinner & floor shows by Real-Magician RYOTA has finally arrived!

Wonder Pads

These beautiful, folding, Close-Up Mats are the last word in convenience and class.

Wonderland Dollar DVD
This is one of those tricks that is...well...PERFECT!
Woody Aragon Memorized Deck Set

Woody Aragon's very first two-DVD set!

Woodyland (4 DVD Set) by Woody Aragon

Woody Aragón has a remarkable mind. He creates self-working miracles with cards. Routines that are baffling, entertaining and award-winning. For the past few years Woody Aragon has been gaining a huge reputation through his competition winning performances throughout Europe. Now his astounding material is fully explained on this four DVD box set.

Word In A Million
The Word In A Million Book Test will leave your audience lost for words!
Word Work II by Alain Nu

Perform a powerful arsenal of book test effects under the most challenging conditions!