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Wizard PK G2 Ring
More power. This one is N40+.
Wizard PK Ring DVD

There is so much it can do...

Wonder Bubbles
Magically snags a bubble out of the air, drops it onto the ground... the bubble is turns instantly into a glass ball!
Wonder Floating Balloon by RYOTA

The Real-Magic that is performed in various Japanese television programs and dinner & floor shows by Real-Magician RYOTA has finally arrived!

Wonder Pads

These beautiful, folding, Close-Up Mats are the last word in convenience and class.

Wonderland Dollar DVD
This is one of those tricks that is...well...PERFECT!
Woody Aragon Memorized Deck Set

Woody Aragon's very first two-DVD set!

Woodyland (4 DVD Set) by Woody Aragon

Woody Aragón has a remarkable mind. He creates self-working miracles with cards. Routines that are baffling, entertaining and award-winning. For the past few years Woody Aragon has been gaining a huge reputation through his competition winning performances throughout Europe. Now his astounding material is fully explained on this four DVD box set.

Word In A Million
The Word In A Million Book Test will leave your audience lost for words!
Word Work II by Alain Nu

Perform a powerful arsenal of book test effects under the most challenging conditions!

Word(s) Book Test by David Stone

A member of the audience is given a "Word-Search Puzzles" book, opens it at any page, finds a word in the puzzle and visualizes it in his mind. The mentalist concentrates for a moment and reveals the thought-of word!

World Class Manipulation #1 DVD
Jeff McBride is one of the greatest sleight-of-hand experts in the world.
World Class Manipulation #2 DVD
Jeff is recognized as a foremost innovator of our time.
World Class Manipulation #3 DVD
One of the greatest sleight-of-hand experts in the world
World of Super Mentalism #1
Covers many areas of practical mentalism - the key word being practical.