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3D Crystal by Higpon

A crystal ball appears to fall out of your cell phone. The wicked 3D visuals that ensue will boggle and amaze your spectators!

3D Rabbit: 5''

The the perfect kicker to Gosh's 3-D Rabbits!

3D Rabbits: Set
The classic multiplying rabbit routine.
3hree Dee

Chris Mayhew took the internet by storm with three it's your DVD player's turn! These tricks deserve more attention, and more detail than he originally provided us. We've re-shot most of the material and added about 45 minutes of additional content and are now pleased to present 3hree Dee.

4-D Suprise

A startling, never-before-seen visual illusion.

400 Lux by Kyle Littleton

Completely impromptu and gimmickless bill change!

49 Seconds

The Memory Routine of Luke Jermay

4F XII Lecture Notes by Daryl

Daryl's latest set of lecture notes, EXCLUSIVE to Tannen's Magic!


50 Ways To Rock A Lighter DVD
Alex Aarvik teaches you 50 selected tricks including the legendary Goofy Style series
51 Times More Difficult

The latest from the creatively fertile mind of Henry Evans.

52 Lovers Through the Looking-Glass

Contains unpublished material previously known only to a few privileged people. 

52 Memories (Retrospective Edition)

"The most important magic book to be published in the last ten years." -Tomas Blomberg

52 on 1 Card
The magician predicts that the spectator's freely chosen card, is in his hand...
52 on 1 Card: Jumbo
The magician predicts that the spectator's freely chosen card, is in his hand...
A Cut Above

A Cut Above is a joyful exploration of one-handed cuts created or documented by Msgr. Vincent Foy, a pioneer of the modern movement of card flourishes.