Alakazam Magic

Against All Odds

Predicting the lottery seemed unlikely - until now!

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Now: $20.00
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All About Eve

A brand new take on the portable book test!


A major breakthrough of a classic effect that will go straight into your repertoire!

Back Off
A blend of the "All Backs" and "Triumph" routines!
Before I Forget DVD

8 fantastic effects with bonus routines -- lots of magic on 1 DVD!

BIP Book 2.0

You will be performing this almost as soon as you open the package!

Blindfold Tips DVD

The ultimate, most comprehensive guide to one of mentalism's most versatile routines.


ZERO memory work involved!

Common Scents

Some of us have it, some of us don't!

Deadly Mentalism

Ben Rayot reveals some of his most "deadly weapons".

Decisions by Mozique

A simple yet unbelievable demonstration of predicting your spectator's actions!

Dial-Abolical DVD

An unbelievable phone book mind-reading effect from Kochov!

Educating Archer DVD

You'll learn some of John's favorite routines that have made him one of the busiest magicians in the UK!

Expansion by Daniel Bryan


Fit a coin through a hole punch hole placed in a selected card - without tearing the card!

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Have you ever wanted to finish your Ambitious Card routine with a bang?

Fight Dirty: Lecture Notes

These are easy to do, high impact mentalist effects.

Garden Of The Strange

Nearly four years in the making, The Garden of the Strange is the brilliant result.

Gold Dust by Paul Gordon

37 Routines. 3 DVDs. Gaff Cards Included!

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FREE USA SHIPPING this Holiday Season!

The perfect packet trick!

Ice Coins
A groundbreaking new generation in coin Magic has been UNLEASHED!
iChange Project

"A complete sell-out at Magic Live 2009"


In this effect the behaviour of a spectator is predicted not once, but three times over.

Killer Elite Pro
Amazingly the performer proves that the spectator's selection is the correct one!
Knock 'Em Dead 2

Anyone that owns a Peter Nardi creation will instantly know he has a knack for inventing truly commercial, straight to the point, hard hitting routines. Peter's now classic Knock'em Dead is being used by magicians all over the world. If you liked the original Knock'Em Dead, you'll love Knock'Em Dead II.

Kosher Products: Lecture Notes

More high-callibre mentalism from lading performer & creator Andy Nyman.

Last Laugh by Mark Elsdon

A brilliant new take on the Stranger Card plot!

Meet The Jack

Eight powerful mental performance pieces!

On The Mark by Mark Elsdon

Mark Elsdon's legendary any-named-card-to-wallet!

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Out of the Routine DVD

Nine routines taken directly from the award-winning repertoire of contemporary magician John van der Put.


The secrets of an underground legend revealed.

Past Midnight 3-DVD Set

Three volumes of startling, original material.

Pin by Marc Paul

A super-simple, yet brilliantly ingenious way of gaining written information. 

Pin by Marc Paul REFILL

50 refill cards for Marc Paul's Pin.

Plunge Of Death DVD

Practical, professional routines that fit into any magic or mentalism show, regardless of your style of presentation.

Project X

"Somehow you thought of the Four of Spades! The only card that wasn't there!!"

Proteus by Phedon Bilek


If mind reading existed, it would look like this!

Rhapsodies in Silver & Other Mysteries 4-DVD Set

Enter a world of elegance and sophistication...

Rhine's Revenge by Clint Barron

A stunning ESP effect!

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Rubik Remembered DVD

Imagine being able to solve a Rubik's Cube from memory, blind-folded, in less than 2 minutes.

Runaway Joker

Commercial, Easy to Perform, Eye-Popping

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Now: $15.00
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Screen Test: Pocket Edition

The highly demanded pocket size!

$19.95 - $48.00
Sharpie Through Card

Peter Nardi has created an up to date version of Rob Bromley's classic Cigarette Through Card effect., making it an effect that every magician should own and perform!

Short, Punchy, & Mental: Lecture Notes
These are Andy's first set of notes and are packed full of strong, easy to do mentalism tricks.
Simplex Monte

 A new take on the classic hustle from the razor sharp minds at Alakazam Magic.

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Now: $15.00
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Skin DVD

Psychological strategy and design for the coin bend

Skullduggery DVD

The first time Luke has allowed any of his work to appear on film!

Smudged by John Horn & Alakazam


The most visual Sharpie revelation ever.

Spectrum by Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson has created a colour changing back packet effect that's ideal for any close up performing situation.

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Squash! DVD
Perform it in almost any situation and leave your spectators with a unique souvenir.
Still Fancy A Pot Of Jam? DVD

It's now time to take your performance to the next level.

Symbol by Steve Cook

A super slick ESP prediction!

Taylor Made Book Test

Finally a book test that you can perform with almost ANY book.

The 4th Key
A brand new book test that is fun, practical and fits in your pocket!
The Butterfly Effect by Peter Nardi

A self-working magician fooler!

The Ghost by Paul Nardini

Your spectator is handed a single Business card and a pen. They draw any image on the card and seal it into an envelope. They keep hold of the envelope at all times. You now start to read their mind and duplicate the drawing!

The Hidden

The performer offers to demonstrate how he became so dexterous as a magician by revealing an exercise called "Dead Cutting".

The Larry Lock

The best combination lock effect!

Was: $130.00
Now: $65.00
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The Manchurian Approach DVD

A complete course in Hypnotism for Magicians & Mentalists

The Session 2007 DVD

Close-up Magicians from around the world came together for a gathering like no other...

The Stealth Case


Totally innocent in appearance, flawless in execution. 

Til Death Do Us Part
It is simply an incredible story with an absolutely inexplicable ending.
Time Zone
A Three phased mental routine.
Transcendence by Peter Pellikaan

The most magical change of four cards you have ever seen!

Trick Cyclist
An incredible, easy to do, multiple selection routine with an incredible, NO PALM, signed card to pocket ending!
Trilogy: Bicycles

3 Times The Effect 100 Times The Impact

Trilogy: Extreme

Trilogy is back and better than ever!

Triple Impact

Totally blow your spectators away with an impossible triple prediction.

Urban DVD

It's time to hit the street...

Imagine a signed playing card transforming quarter-by-quarter into a completely different card.
Whacked Book Test

Whacked By Mark Elsdon is a book-test for the working performer

Z-6: Book

This booklet includes six fantastic routines hatched from Wayne Dobson's slightly Z wallet obsessed brain.


A very direct and commercial ESP test.