Thread Effects

Dragon Thread DVD

Your hands are shown completely empty - fingers wide apart - before, during and after this effect!

El Hilo

Magic this clean should be criminal.

Gaetan Bloom's Gypsy Thread

Gaetan Bloom finally reveals the secret of his masterful Gypsy Thread routine.

Hummingbird Reel

Make silks, dollar bills, and other lightweight objects fly into your hand from up to 20 feet away!

Invisible Thread: Elastic
Invisible Thread: Elastic
Invisible Thread: Fine
Levitate money and other small objects.
Loops New Generation

One of the most powerful utility gimmicks ever invented.

Magician's Wax: Hard ITR

Ideal for say the Spider Pen, invisible thread reels or cards.

Magnetic Reel

This useful accessory allows the magician to perform many pull effects in the cleanest conditions.

Master Levitation System
This is the most powerful magic you can do and it's guaranteed to wow audiences.
Mesika Elastics
The same high quality elastic thread custom designed for Mesika Loops.
Power Reel

Tou will make objects fly around the room like magic!

Reflections DVD

The DO's and DON'Ts of performing with IT and Loops in any light condition.

Stealth Retractor

Make business cards and playing cards rise into your hand like magic!

The Gypsy Thread DVD: World's Greatest Magic

Six different interpretations of this straightforward and beautiful trick.

Ultimate Gypsy Yarn by Nick Lewin


A powerful feature trick that fits flat in your top pocket!


An invisible thread dispenser that you carry around in your pocket.