Children's Magic

3D Rabbits: Set
The classic multiplying rabbit routine.
A Trip to The Circus

A seven minute solid comedy routine that has a great twist and plot that is ready to entertain audiences of all kinds!

Acrobatic Fish
A Great Comedy Effect
Airship Wand by Silly Billy

The best new funny wand for your show.

Animal Mistake

Each time you unfold the paper, it gets bigger and the illustration magically changes.

Appearing 8 Foot Pole

From a small lunch bag and out pops what appears to be an eight foot solid oak pole!

Assistant Diploma: 20 Pack
As a special way of thanking your volunteer assistant, you display a magic wand which unrolls into a personalized certificate!
Baffling Blocks

Prepare to rethink what you knew about Paddle Tricks! 

Ball Vase
The magician removes the ball from the vase and places it in his pocket. Suddenly, the ball reappears inside the vase.
Balloon Magic Made Easy DVD
Balloon sculpture is a fun, easy and fascinating pastime.
Balloon Pump

Double action hand pump.

Big Bunny
When the magicain opens his hand the ball changes into a large (7 inches tall) sponge rabbit!
Birthday Cake: Sponge
Happy Birthday!
Breakaway Wand
Hand them your magic wand and it breaks apart in their hands!
Buddha Money Mystery
Change one item into another - with no skill!
Bunny Box

Made For Producing a Live Dwarf Rabbit!

Chair Suspension
Use ANYONE up to 170 pounds!
Change Bag: Mumbo Jumbo Red

The largest of all our change bags!  It's the size of a tennis racket!

Change Bag: Mumbo Jumbo Zippered Red

The largest of all our change bags!  It's the size of a tennis racket!

Change Bag: Zipper

Push your hand right through to show the bag empty!

Chinese Sticks: Medium
A classic of magic.
Circus Wagon
A C T I O N Magic!
Clairvoyant Card Duck
Duck, duck, ....
Coil and Ring
Try though they might, removing the ring from the coil is impossible.
Color Changing Silks
Professional Silk Magic...That`s Easy to Do!
$12.00 - $18.00
Coloring Book: Large
The Magic Coloring book changes from blank pages to outlined pages to colored drawings are made with the greatest of ease.
Coloring Book: Mini
The best just got better!
Confusing Crayons

Now the classic "you do as I do" bottle routine is done with large red & yellow crayons!

Confusing Crayons: Small Surprise Ending
The crayon changed to a completely different color!
Crystal Fish Cylinder
Great effect for Adults and children alike.
Crystal Tube
Easy to Do Classic of Magic!
Deja Zoo

You'll go ape for Samuel Patrick Smith's Deja Zoo.

Die Box
In all magic there is probably no sucker effect to compare with this splendid trick
Drawer Box: Plastic
One of the most versatile props in magic!
Everlasting Sponge Balls


Packs in your pockets and can entertain 500 people!

Foam Microphone

Great for comedy magic and entertaining children with magic.

Food to Go

Imagine being able to appear a real BURGER and FRIES from a Food Menu live in front of your audience! 

Forgetful Freddie
Fantastic Kid Show Favorite!
Hat Tear

Colored tissue are torn into many pieces and crumpled together and change into a colorful hat.

$12.50 - $14.95
Inexhaustible Sponge

It NEVER runs out of water! Gaetan Bloom's amazing and hilarious routine.

Instant Magician

Instantly make a magician out of any audience member during your act for laughs or drama!

Jumping Rope

As a child, you may have had this special moment at school...

Kidding Around 2-DVD Set
Chris Capehart performs his hilariously funny kids show.
Mental Balloon
The performer declares that he has pasted a prediction on the rear side of the board...
Milk Pitcher: Crystal Cut
Vanish milk into thin air!
Miracle Rabbit
When the magician opens his hand the ball has changed into a large (5.5 inches tall) sponge rabbit!
Misdirection by Wayne Dobson

Forty years in the making. This trick is based on the Milbourne Christopher classic.

MisMade Flag
Multiplying Soap Bubbles

Add poetry to your act.

Needle Thru Balloon
If you were to list the things that make a magic trick great, you?d find them all here.
Needle Thru Balloon: Balloons
Extra Balloons for the 'Needle Thru Balloon' effect.
Nesting Wands: Deluxe Color
One wand becomes...5!
Newton's Nightmare
A brilliant synthesis of sorcery and science.
Pancho the Pickin Duck

A delightful and updated version of the classic "Card Duck" or "Gwendolyn!"

Peanut Butter and Jelly
An ?Audience Tested Routine?!
Penetration Frame
Solid through solid!
Pizza Paddle by Rob Thompson

A brilliant update to the paddle trick, perfect for kids performances!

Popcorn Machine 3.0

Make real popcorn appear from an empty box. Now, with a bigger loading compartment and more deceptive look.

Professor's Nightmare

Now you can perform one of the most popular rope tricks of all time.

Rabbits Rabbits
The two bunnies are placed back into the spectator's hand, and when she opens her hand and whole family jumps out!
Scorpion Moth
You'll have to scrape them off the ceiling after performing this!
Seriously Silly DVD
How to Entertain Children with Magic and Comedy.
Strong, visual magic which gets the audience involved.
Spongeball Toolbox

It's the ultimate collection of the best and most useful sponge ball moves.

Super Frog

A fun filled routine with lot's of family audience appeal.

Super Sized Silly by David Kaye

The long-awaited brand new book from Silly Billy!

Tannen's Magic Kids Kit

A curated collection of high quality wonders and amusements for a newcomer to magic!

Tel-A-Vision Box
Discern their thoughts!
The Cocktail

Perform the classic effect, Sands of the Desert, now with liquids!

The Loops

Children will remember you every time they eat breakfast! 

The Traveling Pencils

Twelve pencils teleport from one box to another!

Topsy Popsy Wand
One of the Funniest Magic Wands You'll Ever Use!
Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
Norm Nielsen has perfected the vanishing bottles.
Vanishing Coin in Glass
Vanish a coin with no sleight of hand.
Vanishing Ketchup Bottle
Even close-up, these bottles look so much like real glass.

A unique twist on Professor's Nightmare!

Welsh Rarebit Pan
"Welsh rabbit" is a tasty dish!
Wonder Bubbles
Magically snags a bubble out of the air, drops it onto the ground... the bubble is turns instantly into a glass ball!
World's Funniest Mouthcoil Routine DVD