Illusions Plans

Aga Levitation
This is the classic Aga Levitation that has fooled audiences for years.
Backstage With The Magician

Many of today's leading illusionists are highlighting this intriguing prop.

Banner Nest of Boxes
The box and bird have vanished!
Blammo Box

If you like fast and flashy magic, then this one is for you!

Dekolta Chair
One of the most startling vanishes of a performer ever invented.
Girl In Drum: Thin Base
A drum tube is shown completely empty from all sides...
Great Illusions of Magic

For the first time ... an illusion book with PROFESSIONAL draftsman?s plans!

Haunted Illusions
Looking for larger-scale illusions suitable for haunted houses or other Halloween related events?
Hindu Basket

You'll probably perform this illusion more than any prop you own.

Illusion Systems #3

Over one hundred pages of more illusion ideas and building tips written by Paul Osborne.

Illusion Systems #4

More illusion ideas and building tips written by Paul Osborne.

Mini Kub-Zag

This illusion combines many successful methods to create an all new magical concept!

New Asrah
This is an updated version of the time tested ASRAH illusion.
New Disembodied

What makes this version so unique is that her head and legs are in full view at all times.

New Divided Lady

Definitely something for your audiences!

New Palanquin

This has proven to be one of our most popular plans.

Princess of Thebes
Your lovely assistant is secured within a mysterious Egyptian-looking cabinet.
Queen's Cut
Your lovely assistant is locked in a tall, upright cabinet...
She's Come Undone

A unique twist on the "Disembodied Princess" and the "Zig Zag."

Stack of Boxes
Simply enough, four boxes are set around the stage...
Substitution Trunk
A true classic of magic that any magician would be proud to perform.
Sword Basket by Andrew Mayne

Andrew Mayne presents his revolutionary design for the Sword Basket illusion: Compact, lightweight and easy to build.

Sword Cabinet
This classic illusion can be performed up close and surrounded.
Sword Suspension
You place your hypnotized assistant on the tops of three swords...
A great vanish that can be done surrounded,
Temple of Benares
It's everything; a penetration, a vanish and a reappearance.
Through The Eye Of The Needle

The effect basically involves your assistant passing from one barrel to the other...

Vanishing Girl and Cage

This illusion is a reputation maker!

Where Do The Ducks Go?
On the stage is a decorative circus wagon containing two live ducks...