Ring Effects

Any Ring

Vanish any ring, any time!

AppeaRing by Bocopo Magic & Silver Wing

Make a ring appear with ease with this technologically advanced, fully automatic prop.

Baby Jade Rings

This set of classic Rings and Coin trick comes with two REAL JADE BRACELETS that makes it a collector's item.


Fresh from the mind of Alex Pandrea comes Bandito - A visually stunning ring and rubberband routine that uses no gimmicks!

Bandwidth by Gregory Wilson

Stretch a borrowed ring!

Cellini: Lord & Master of Rings DVD

Learn from the master of Street Magic himself, Cellini, as he teaches you his routine!

Chinese Linking Rings DVD

Studying this DVD will allow the beginner to build the foundation onto which he may construct a routine.

Was: $50.00
Now: $30.00
On Sale
Coil and Ring

Try though they might, removing the ring from the coil is impossible.


Diamond Jim Tyler teaches his award-winning borrowed Ring & String routine, step by step, with some thought-provoking nuances. The audience witnesses a spectator's ring penetrate and vanish from a leather lace time and again.

Crystal Cleaver

An impossible climax.

De'Ring DVD

One of the most highly anticipated manipulation DVD's EVER!


Can I borrow your ring?

Devil's Tail

Ring and rope magic goes to the street!

Flying Ring
A Ring Flight like no other you have ever seen
Growing Ring by Dan Hauss

A unique ring effect where a previously examined men's ring grows to three times its original size.

iFlight by Bill Perkins

Sleek, modern, powerful, and memorable.


Ignition is a key that can penetrate any borrowed object - a bill, a sugar packet, even a spectator's sleeve.


Hanging from the loop of your shoelace is their borrowed ring!

Joao Miranda's Timeless: Classic

Combines everyday objects and modern technology, making the trick 100% automatic and self-contained.

Joao Miranda's Timeless: Sport

Combines everyday objects and modern technology, making the trick 100% automatic and self-contained.

Linking Rings: 10''

The rings then magically begin to link and unlink at the magician's whim.

Linking Rings: 12''
The rings then magically begin to link and unlink at the magician's whim.
Linking Rings: 5''

With these sets of eight rings, any routine is possible.

Magic With Finger Rings

Every trick you could imagine with finger rings.

Messado Rings

This highly anticipated ring and DVD set are finally available from Tannen's Magic!

$44.95 - $74.95
On Foot

A borrowed finger ring vanishes and reappears tied to the laces of the shoe you are wearing!

Opus by Garrett Thomas

Now Shipping!

Garrett Thomas not only teaches multiple coin to ring effects, he also walks through his creative process which can be applied to any magician developing their routines.


Borrow any ring. Make it disappear. It instantly and safely reappears amongst your keys!

Ring Flight Revolution

The best Ring Flight on the market!

$159.00 - $169.00
Ring In Walnut DVD

A borrowed RING ends up in a WALNUT!  The WALNUT is in an EGG!  The EGG is in a LEMON!


Ring Leader DVD

A spectator's ring is magically plucked a rope and just as effortlessly thrown back on.

Ring on Rope DVD WGM

Seven different approaches to the Ring on Rope from six masters.

Ring Teleport 2

The performer shows a silver ring on his/her right ring finger. When the magician blows on the ring, it disappears instantly! The performer show his/her right palm to be empty. Suddenly, the ring reappears on the performer's left ring finger!

Ring Thing DVD

A fabulous impromptu routine.


Magic that happens in the spectator's hands is always the most powerful and memorable magic. Blake Vogt's adaptation of Michael Weber's "Four Dollars in Change" is just that... POWERFUL and something they will never forget!



One of the most versatile props around!

Senses by Christopher Wiehl

A wildly smart gimmick that allows you to use an ordinary restaurant sauce cup as a rattle box, change box, vanisher, and much more!

Strong Box 2.0

Absolutely the best kind of close-up locked box on the market, bar none!

Sweet DVD

An initialed coin or borrowed ring vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed sweetener packet that has been in view the whole time.


A keychain tag that will fry your brain!

Tango Nest of Boxes: Brass

A beautifully built brass set of nesting boxes

Telekinetic Boxes

A transference of a spectator's ring from one box to the other within seconds.

The Halo Project

The most visual and practical linking ring routine ever!

The Linking Finger Ring Project by David Regal

The Linking Finger Ring Effect, created by Persi Diaconis and Richard Himber, is one of the greatest magic effects ever devised. It captures the imagination of an audience and absolutely slays them. This is as good as it gets, close-up magic at its finest.


The Powell Collection: Antique Pill Box

This is without a doubt the most devious ring box ever created. It's inner workings are so brilliantly constructed that it is sure to fool every magician you show it to.

The Powell Collection: Delta Ring Box

The perfect place to make a borrowed ring reappear!

The Powell Collection: Large Enchanted Ring

The secret hidden in the block does the work for you!

The Powell Collection: Pocket Enchanted Ring

An impossible illusion that happens in the spectators own hands!

The Powell Collection: Ring Grinder

A ring is borrowed, placed in an ornate ring polishing box and abruptly ground to gold dust flakes. The magician then makes the ring reappear inside an orange or a locked box!

The Powell Collection: Victorian Watch Box

Vanish or produce a borrowed ring, necklace or coin!

The Regal Ring Chain

Fashioned by a commercial jeweler, The Regal Ring Chain is a specially designed prop that enables the performer to secretly introduce a borrowed ring onto a stainless steel neck chain. 

The Sting by Bill Abbott

The Sting is a stage routine for the classic ring flight effect. What separates this from other ring flight routines, is Lou's work to make it play for audiences of thousands of people.

The Vault by David Penn

A revolutionary new routine for the classic Ring Flight!

Trap Box

Instantly vanishes a valuable ring or coin!Place a finger ring or coin inside of the box, close the lid, and allow your audience to hear the object rattle around inside suddenly the rattling sound stops,and the box is completely empty!