Comedy Magic

A Marked Man

We see them everyday. They're at our offices, our homes, even our schools. We can't escape them!

Acrobatic Fish
A Great Comedy Effect
Airship Wand by Silly Billy

The best new funny wand for your show.

Appearing 8 Foot Pole

From a small lunch bag and out pops what appears to be an eight foot solid oak pole!

Atomic Bulb

Great Laughs!


Three brand new effects using the 100th Monkey principle!

Big Switch
If you've ever seen Martin perform this, you know how funny it is!
Birthday Surprise in Las Vegas

An enchanting storytelling piece that is the perfect addition for your childrens show.

Bite Me

A trick you can sink your teeth into.

Blindfold Tips DVD

The ultimate, most comprehensive guide to one of mentalism's most versatile routines.

Bloon Pop

B'loon allows you to burst a balloon using psychic energy - and you?re nowhere near it!

Bounce No Bounce Balls
The two balls look the same but behave very differently.
Breakaway Wand

Hand them your magic wand and it breaks apart in their hands!

Bruised by Dan Sperry

It just might be the most powerful way to reveal someone's thoughts...

Cakes and Adders

The essential Comedy Card Trick for the professional Birthday Party Entertainer!

Celebrity Smart Ass Bundle

"I now know that Celebrity Smart Ass is the reason I created the Smart Ass concept in the first place. It's a perfect marriage of bulletproof method and commercial presentation, AND it's no longer a card trick anymore! Celebrity Smart Ass is a permanent piece in my show ... and now it can be for you too!" -Bill Abbott


Transform a deck of cards into a cell phone!

Chinese Sticks: Medium
A classic of magic.
Clairvoyant Card Duck
Duck, duck, ....
Collard 2

A full five-minute comedy routine with a cuddly toy dog!

Comedy Comeback Card

An ideal Parlor or Club effect, the Comeback Card comes complete and ready to perform.

Deep DVD

Make a snake - and eat it!

Deluxe Milk Glass

Milk amazingly leaves the glass.

Dial-Abolical DVD

An unbelievable phone book mind-reading effect from Kochov!

Donut: Sponge

Make a donut appear!

Educating Archer DVD

You'll learn some of John's favorite routines that have made him one of the busiest magicians in the UK!

Everlasting Sponge Balls


Packs in your pockets and can entertain 500 people!

Fifty-Two Thoughts
An impossible mind reading routine that will stun any audience.
Fish Bowl Mystery

Great children's "turn around" comedy. The fish vanish from the bowl. Show both sides after the by-play. Finally turn it around again and you see where the fish went: The cat ate them! (Packs flat)

Flatline by Jay Sankey

One of Jay Sankey's most versatile close-up magic props

Foam Brick

A very realistic-looking but light and perfectly safe foam brick with many possible comedy uses.

Foam Microphone

Great for comedy magic and entertaining children with magic.

Foam Pips

These Pips would make a great addition for your sponge routines.

Food for Thought

Amazingly, the performer and participant both chose the same food!

Gag Bag
The magician turns the bag inside out again and reveals yet another color!
Geek Magic DVD

This magic is not intended for the faint of heart - or stomach.

Handsome Jack, etc.

The tricks of a male model heart

Head Twister

An Unexplainable Mystifying Illusion that Adds Laughter on Top of Great Comedy!

Heavy Handed

A magical application for the Charpentier Illusion, guaranteed to short circuit your spectator’s brain.

Hollywood Confidential

You offer your dazzling spectator a fun "Hollywood Fortune-Telling" reading to see if fame and success await her as a movie star or TV personality.

Instant Magician

Instantly make a magician out of any audience member during your act for laughs or drama!

Insurance Policy

The classic Floyd's of Burbank Insurance policy.

Jump Ropes

A handy dandy little interlude that will leave your audiences hanging...

Kidding Around 2-DVD Set

Chris Capehart performs his hilariously funny kids show.

Klaus the Mouse

Not a cheesy trick!

Kung Food

Karate Coin with food!

Mind Reading Orange

The most outrageous "Card in Orange" routine ever!

Misdirection by Wayne Dobson

Forty years in the making. This trick is based on the Milbourne Christopher classic.

Missing Spade

After a card prediction is off by a spade the magician instantly produces a full sized SHOVEL, revealing the MISSING SPADE!

My Pet Boris Butterfly Pack

The scariest magic trick for your iPhone or Android ... a touch less scary!

My Pet Boris Pro Pack

The scariest magic trick for iPhone and Android!

Nailed! by Rich Marotta

No switching! Performed with one hand! Instantly repeatable!

Neck Cracker

"Neck Cracker Great Comedy"

Nesting Wands: Deluxe Color
One wand becomes...5!
Night Out With The Girls

Pictures of five bathing beauties are shown...

Nosey Volunteers by Richard Griffin

Another killer stage routine from Richard Griffin that is both stunning in its effect and hilarious in its delivery! 

Of Dice and Men

A memorable stage opener where the roll of the die determines how you greet your spectator on stage, "Hug" or "Kill."

One Night You Can't Stand


You are out with friends, having some drinks; maybe one or two too many. A group of beautiful girls enter the bar, one more gorgeous than the other.


Pancho the Pickin Duck

A delightful and updated version of the classic "Card Duck" or "Gwendolyn!"

Paradox Card

Sometimes an effect is so surreal, so paradoxical, that even IMAGINING it is an accomplishment.

Pea Can

A pea, a navy bean or a piece of popcorn?

Plunge Of Death DVD

Practical, professional routines that fit into any magic or mentalism show, regardless of your style of presentation.

Pop Haydn's The Six Card Trick

Add a great routine to your stage and parlor shows!


From comedy to mind control, PRISON DECK will always be ready to go. 

Rat Trap

A contemporary card sword with a comedy twist!

Revolution by Greg Wilson


Roxy Raccoon

These fun animals appear to be so real, the kids go crazy!

Russian Roulegg

A Russian Roulette with an egg, to be performed to any kind of audiences! 

Scorpion Moth
You'll have to scrape them off the ceiling after performing this!

A brand new variation of Wayne’s hilarious classic routine “The Sex Trick.”

Was: $29.95
Now: $19.95
On Sale
Shoe Business

This is a well thought out routine that's been worked over and over on real world stages. Just combine a bottle of water with a borrowed shoe and you now have six minutes of Hilarious Comedy without skimping on the Magic

Shrinking and Growing Head Illusion
Without doing a thing, you perform the most talked about illusion in your act!
SKETCH MONEY by João Miranda

A drawing VISIBLY jumps out of the pad, transforming into real money!


Strong, visual magic which gets the audience involved.


Only you know its secret.

Solid and Stretch

STRETCH your spectators' minds with this terrific Sharpie effect!

Something (Foam)

Here's something!

Squeak Technique DVD

Make your sleight-of-hand more effective by adding a "Mc-Sqeaker." Jeff teaches you how to use this great gimmick to add laughs to your show.


The squeaker is perfect for comedy magic and performing for children.

Static Marker

Do you really want to shock people?

Sticky Situation

A completely offbeat effect!

Stretching the Truth 2.0

This ten-minute professional routine combines audience interaction, comedy and illusion resulting in a modern day Miracle!

Super Coke (Half)

This is the Rolls Royce of all cola latex bottles! 

Super Hammer

The Super Latex Hammer by George Iglesias its an amazing gag and magic trick! It is precisely made out of two pieces that fit to perfection with a level of an amazing realism. 

Take My Word For It

Every word a laugh!

Technicolor Prediction: Pocket

A prediction effect with built in comedy that leads up to a suprising finale.

Tenyo 2016: Magical Plunger

A magical plunger finds your card!

Tenyo 2016: Mystery Doghouse

Puppies transform inside their doghouse!

The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick

The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick is filled with comedic twists and turns!

The End of My Rope

A new, versatile and incredibly visual method for rope magic!

The Hundredth Monkey (2 DVD Set & Gimmicks)

 "The Hundredth Monkey is not just a method; it's an adventure! You're going to want to run with these simian secrets." -Max Maven

Our first shipment sold out in a blink! Order now to be in on this killer principle when they return!

The Hundredth Monkey (Multi-Language Version)

Chris Philpott's devilish new principle for devastating mentalism presentations is now available in multiple languages!

The Loops

Children will remember you every time they eat breakfast! 

The Mindpod

Divine a thought-of tune!

Was: $40.00
Now: $24.00
On Sale
The Tongue 2.0


This specially designed tongue looks incredibly realistic!

The Ultimate Vanishing Bandana

A classic of gag magic!

The Web
Possibly the scariest card trick in the world!
The Whistle Blower

A modern take on the Drivers Lung Tester, sure to make your spectators laugh out loud.

Tiny Plunger

The most hysterical and amazing weighing-the-cards routine you've ever seen! What do you get when three of magic's most innovative creators (Mathieu Bich, Jon Armstrong and Garrett Thomas) put their heads together? A Tiny Plunger!

Topsy Popsy Wand
One of the Funniest Magic Wands You'll Ever Use!
Unholey: Deluxe

Unholey! has everything. Audience participation, comedy, drama and an unbelievable, yet memorable climax!


Was: $50.00
Now: $40.00
On Sale

A very commercial effect that breathes new life into the old barcode gag.

Vanishing Beer Bottles
The finest in vanishing bottles anywhere in the world!
Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
Norm Nielsen has perfected the vanishing bottles.
Vanishing Ketchup Bottle
Even close-up, these bottles look so much like real glass.
Vice by Jeff Prace


But, can you eat it?

Was: $29.95
Now: $19.95
On Sale

A unique twist on Professor's Nightmare!


After clearly showing both sides of the case, you begin to pull an impossible collection of items out from inside the box!

Welsh Rarebit Pan

"Welsh rabbit" is a tasty dish!

Funny by Nick Diffatte

11 Essays on the performance of stand-up comedy magic, comedy writiing, and three stand-up tricks directly from Nick’s live shows