Stage Effects


From the creative mind of Tom Lauten comes "357"

A Trip to The Circus

A seven minute solid comedy routine that has a great twist and plot that is ready to entertain audiences of all kinds!

Against All Odds

Predicting the lottery seemed unlikely - until now!

Was: $38.00
Now: $20.00
On Sale

Lance Burton performed Airborne on TV and Killed!

$30.00 - $60.00
Airborne Wine And Glass

With the clear glass there appears that there is nothing to hide!

All About Eve

A brand new take on the portable book test!


"An ingenious and devious solution to an age-old problem." - Luke Jermay

Animal Mistake

Each time you unfold the paper, it gets bigger and the illustration magically changes.

Appearing 8 Foot Pole

From a small lunch bag and out pops what appears to be an eight foot solid oak pole!

Appearing Billiard Stick

The perfect finale to a billiard ball routine!

Astonishing Bottle

The perfect opener for parlor or stage!

Astor Epic

ASTOR EPIC actually is the newest improved version of the Mental Epic.

Astor Mental

The quality of this prop is truly awesome, and its method devilishly clever!

Atomic Bulb

Great Laughs!

Babel Book Test 2.0

You don't touch anything, you don't even look, and yet...


The rarest effect in magic: suspension...

Big Bang

The ultimate demonstration of psychokinesis.

Bisection DVD
In the blink of an eye half the magician's body vanishes...
Bite Me

A trick you can sink your teeth into.

Black Water Clear Water

Turn ordinary water an eerie dark black and then clear again!

Bunny Box

Made For Producing a Live Dwarf Rabbit!

Canes MAGIC - The Real Secrets DVD by Fabien Solaz

Every secret of this AMAZING "PACKS SMALL and PLAYS BIG" prop WILL BE revealed to you.

Card Fountain

Imagine having a whole deck of cards fly out of the box at your command.

Card on Ceiling by Jamy Ian Swiss DVD

The most compact, amazing, and practical "Card on Ceiling" ever published!

Cardiographic LITE

Designed for easy operation!

Cardiographic Signature Edition Sketchpad Card Rise

The effect used by many professional magicians worldwide.

Cardiographic Signature Edition Sketchpad Card Rise: Refill (12-Pack)

For those who need more than the six that come with the effect.

Figure this out...

Transform a deck of cards into a cell phone!

Chair Suspension
Use ANYONE up to 170 pounds!
Change Bag: Mumbo Jumbo Red

The largest of all our change bags!  It's the size of a tennis racket!

Change Bag: Mumbo Jumbo Zippered Red

The largest of all our change bags!  It's the size of a tennis racket!

Change Bag: Zipper

Push your hand right through to show the bag empty!

Chinese Sticks: Medium
A classic of magic.
Circus Wagon
A C T I O N Magic!
Clonk 3

Reputation maker. FISM and Backpool BESTSELLER.

Was: $380.00
Now: $270.00
On Sale
Coin Fan: Japan
Use it for producing coins from the air!
Collard 2

A full five-minute comedy routine with a cuddly toy dog!

Comedy Comeback Card

An ideal Parlor or Club effect, the Comeback Card comes complete and ready to perform.

Comedy Glass In Paper Cone
One of the best tricks for kids with liquid.
Crystal Fish Cylinder
Great effect for Adults and children alike.
Crystal Gazing

The selection, "divines" it's name by gazing into a crystal ball.

Crystal Silk Cylinder: Ickle Pickle
This is a Classic in magic.

The best of cube magic with the Magic Square!

Dancing Magic Wand

The Beautiful 100% Metal Black Wand magically dances in the air around the magician.

Deceptive Square Circle
Limited by your Imagination.
Deep DVD

Make a snake - and eat it!

Deja Zoo

You'll go ape for Samuel Patrick Smith's Deja Zoo.

Detection Bag

Mentalism and candy - what could be sweeter?

Devils Hank

Vanish objects such as rings, bills, watches and more!

Die Box
In all magic there is probably no sucker effect to compare with this splendid trick
One-Person Portable Illusion!
Dream Bag


Everlasting Sponge Balls


Packs in your pockets and can entertain 500 people!

Examiner by John Graham

The 100% examinable newspaper tear!

Eye Candy

The ultimate "magazine test"!

Fakini 1 3/4" Designer Multiplying Billiard Balls

Fakini's 1 3/4" Tournament Billiard Balls are the finest in the world. The Special Edition Designer balls come with two shells and are perfectly styled for a contemporary billiard ball act.

Fakini Ball Shell 1 3/4"

Fakini's 1 3/4" Tournament Billiard Balls are the finest in the world.

Foam Microphone

Great for comedy magic and entertaining children with magic.

Focal Point
Mentalism with a visual twist.
Food to Go

Imagine being able to appear a real BURGER and FRIES from a Food Menu live in front of your audience! 

Fountain of Silks: Professional
Known and used by performers all over the world.
Freefall DVD

Make bricks, bowling balls, fish bowls even a hot cup of coffee appear from nowhere!

French Arm Chopper

Chops, Lops, And Drops - YES!

A borrowed and signed bill vanishes and reappears into any freely selected fruit!
Ghost Candle: 2.0

The perfect accessory for the mentalist, bizzarist, or seance performer!

Ghost Catcher


This is an electrifying parlor effect!

Hand Out 500
Display five single dollar bills, then in a flash, the ones visibly change into hundreds.
Hat Coils
Yards and yards and yards of paper ribbon!
Healed and Sealed Soda 2.0 DVD
An empty and crushed can of soda magically restores and refills before the eyes of the spectators.
In Half DVD
Andrew Mayne presents an amazing twist on a classic illusion.
In Plain Sight

Magic square with NO memory work from Britain's Got Talent's sensation!

Inexhaustible Sponge

It NEVER runs out of water! Gaetan Bloom's amazing and hilarious routine.

Insight by Hugo Shelley

Reading minds has never been this simple.

Instant Change Tube
Change any small item into something else!
Inviso Torch
The Original Flames From Fingertips!
Joao Miranda's Timeless: Classic

Combines everyday objects and modern technology, making the trick 100% automatic and self-contained.

Jump Ropes

A handy dandy little interlude that will leave your audiences hanging...

Jumping Rope

As a child, you may have had this special moment at school...

Jumping Signed Bill

A money transposition classic.

Klaus the Mouse

Not a cheesy trick!

Levent Miser's Dream 3-DVD Set
Step-by-step instructions for all of the sleights you need to know.
Levitator: Vernet

Make CDs, glasses, dishes, almost any object appear to float between your hands!

License Plate Prediction

A prediction of an entire license plate with audience involvement!

Linking Rings: 10''
The rings then magically begin to link and unlink at the magician's whim.
Linking Rings: 12''
The rings then magically begin to link and unlink at the magician's whim.
Mental Balloon
The performer declares that he has pasted a prediction on the rear side of the board...
Mexican Rope DX

A rope trick that fools magicians!

Milk Pitcher: Crystal Cut
Vanish milk into thin air!
Mind Reading Orange
The most outrageous "Card in Orange" routine ever!
Mirror Box: Black (Drop Down)

The best part is that the whole interior is open, exposed, and "clean!"

Mirror Box: See Thru
Instant Appearance from a See-Through Box
Misdirection by Wayne Dobson

Forty years in the making. This trick is based on the Milbourne Christopher classic.

Multiplying Bottles

Start multiplying your laughs today!

Multiplying Soap Bubbles

Add poetry to your act.

Multum In Parvo: Deluxe
Multum In Parvo literally means Much In Little.
Of Dice and Men

A memorable stage opener where the roll of the die determines how you greet your spectator on stage, "Hug" or "Kill."

Was: $65.00
Now: $39.00
On Sale
On The Mark by Mark Elsdon

Mark Elsdon's legendary any-named-card-to-wallet!

Was: $77.55
Now: $45.00
On Sale
Oriental Rice Bowls: Brahmin

The two bowls are shown unmistakably empty at the beginning...

Popcorn Machine 3.0

Make real popcorn appear from an empty box. Now, with a bigger loading compartment and more deceptive look.

Power Reel

Tou will make objects fly around the room like magic!

Pro Secco

A production holder for flutes and small bottles.

Psychokinetic Time

Banachek`s Psychokinetic Time Trick Do you remember the stunning magic effect that Master Magic Man David Blaine used to open his "Magic Man" TV special?

RUBICON by Gregory Wilson


Screen Test: Full Size

Incredibly deceptive, cheekily simple!

Shrinking and Growing Head Illusion
Without doing a thing, you perform the most talked about illusion in your act!
SKETCH MONEY by João Miranda

A drawing VISIBLY jumps out of the pad, transforming into real money!



A simple game of chance...

Was: $210.00
Now: $129.95
On Sale
Splash Bottle 2.0 by David Stone & Damien Vappereau

Splash Bottle is a gimmick that makes miracles happen!

Sports Drink: Super Latex (Half)

The brand new Super Latex Sports Drinks are now available!

Stand Up Dobson

Some of Wayne's finest stand-up material!

Now you can perform Needle Through Arm whenever, wherever,STAT!
Steam 2.0 by Ali Nouira

One of the most ingenious mind-reading secrets - perfected!

Super Coke (Half)

This is the Rolls Royce of all cola latex bottles! 

Taste Conditions

This mesmerizing and innovative effect is actually simple, but the psychological impact is dramatic!

Tea Kettle
A strikingly beautiful 2 Quart metal tea pot!
Tear Down DVD
Andrew Mayne presents a radical twist on the classic newspaper tear.
The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick

The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick is filled with comedic twists and turns!

The Cocktail

Perform the classic effect, Sands of the Desert, now with liquids!

The End of My Rope

A new, versatile and incredibly visual method for rope magic!

The Experience by Peter Turner

The Peter Turner experience...

The Invisible Hand Set

An amazing device that allows you to perform miracle effects

The Justice Pad

Instantly reveal any number, any word, any picture in the cleanest, fairest manner possible.

Was: $45.00
Now: $29.95
On Sale
The Loops

Children will remember you every time they eat breakfast! 

The Powell Collection: Antique Razor Blade Illusion

An amazing effect that will baffle equally well in a parlor or stage situation.

The Powell Collection: Emperor's Orange Box

This beautifully constructed mirror box comes complete with a fantastic borrowed ring in orange routine. This one's a gem!

Was: $395.00
Now: $237.00
On Sale
The Powell Collection: Large Enchanted Ring

The secret hidden in the block does the work for you!

The Powell Collection: Victorian Horizontal Card Rise

This trick is as beautiful to display as it is a joy to perform.

The Powell Collection: Victorian Vanishing Silk

An adaptation of a trick by prolific magic inventor Warren Stephens

The Secret Illusion Show
What is The Secret Illusion Show?
The Spectrumalist by Wayne Dobson

One of the most baffling mentalism routines ever created!

The Traveling Pencils

Twelve pencils teleport from one box to another!

The Ultimate Vanishing Bandana

A classic of gag magic!

The Ultra Cane

The best appearing can you will ever have.

Topit 180

For the first time ever with David Penn's revolutionary design of Topit...Vanish, Steal & Ditch.

Torn and Restored Paper

Fu Manchu's classic for all audiences!

Ultimate Gypsy Yarn by Nick Lewin


A powerful feature trick that fits flat in your top pocket!

Ultimate Snowstorm: Refills
Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet large enough to fill the stage.
Ultra Torch to Cane 2.0 (E.I.S.)

Ignite your torch whenever you want without set up!


Predict future events and make cards travel through space and time!

Vanishing Bowl of Water
The bowl of water has vanished!
Vanishing Candle: White

The Magician touches the flame and the candle vanishes or changes into a silk.

Visions by Matthew Wright

An incredibly powerful and simple double-prediction effect.


A unique twist on Professor's Nightmare!

Welsh Rarebit Pan
"Welsh rabbit" is a tasty dish!

Guaranteed to raise the roof!

Zombie Ball

The magician covers a silver ball with a cloth. Then, while he holds onto the cloth just by the corners the ball begins floating off the table.