Bar & Restaurant Magic


Lance Burton performed Airborne on TV and Killed!

$30.00 - $60.00
Airborne Wine And Glass

With the clear glass there appears that there is nothing to hide!

Anniversary Waltz (Cards and Download)

Start learning right away with the FREE download!

Ash Paper

Your prediction appears in A BURST OF FLAME!

At The Table DVD

Bon appetit!

Bar Magic #1 DVD

Your front row seat is reserved for this rare, in-depth look at the working repertoire of the master bar magician of our time.

Bar Magic #2 DVD

Your front row seat is reserved for this rare, in - depth look at the working repertoire of the master bar magician of our time.

Bar Magic #3 DVD

Your front row seat is reserved for this rare, in-depth look at the working repertoire of the master bar magician of our time.

Bare by The Other Brothers

Cause ANY card, initials, number, or simple shape to appear ON A SPECTATOR'S HAND!


An examined dinner knife is signed by the spectator along the handle. They hold onto the handle and can clearly see that the knife is straight. All you do is massage the blade softly causing it to bend at a 45 degree angle.

Blistering by Alex La Torre

Visual magic with a hermetically sealed gum packet!

Bottle Through Table

Push a bottle through any table top.

Bullet Catch 22

The most dangerous trick in the world!

Bullseye DVD

When someone wants to see something amazing.


Imagine taking the cap from one bottle and penetrating it through another SEALED bottle, While it's in your spectators hand. They see the cap sink to the bottom of the sealed bottle. What's more they can keep the bottle as a souvenir!

Captured DVD

Truly one of THE most visual CIB's available these days!

Clonk 3

Reputation maker. FISM and Backpool BESTSELLER.

Coffee Break

You are in a coffee shop and have been asked to do some magic, but you don't have "anything" on you.

Coffee Cup Chop Cup

The most innocent-looking chop cup on the market!


Strikingly visual effects using gum!

Color Changing Knives by Twin Cities Magic

Pocket friendly and easy-to-handle!

Comedy Glass In Paper Cone
One of the best tricks for kids with liquid.
Delicious Change

Transform a small pack of gum into a LARGE chocolate bar RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES! 

Descent DVD

This is a visual coin-through-glass.

DIE-NAMIC by Martin Lewis

A clean and easy die penetration

Domino Effect by Alex Pandrea

The Domino Effect combines some of the most powerful elements in magic into one incredible routine.

Ethereal Salt
Salt pours into your hand and vanishes.

An amazing and totally impromptu cap in bottle routine!

Expansion by Daniel Bryan


Fit a coin through a hole punch hole placed in a selected card - without tearing the card!

Extra Shot

Produce a FULL shot glass from your egg bag, paper bag or even your pocket!

Flow: Refill

Refill for Dan Hauss' Flow.

Food for Thought

Amazingly, the performer and participant both chose the same food!

Food to Go

Imagine being able to appear a real BURGER and FRIES from a Food Menu live in front of your audience! 

Glass Mirage
An empty bottle is lightly touched and instantly it becomes filled with Beer or Soda, and is magically recapped and air-tight!
Imprisoned by Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey brings us another incredible impossibility with a borrowed coin and a straw!


An all-time audience favorite!


Step up to the bar, sit down and be prepared to be knocked off your seat!

Kung Food

Karate Coin with food!

Levitator: Vernet

Make CDs, glasses, dishes, almost any object appear to float between your hands!

Linked 2.0

Any card is chosen! - Completely free choice! - No Force!

Magnum Color Changing Knife Set by Rodger Lovins

Rodger Lovins Magic Presents feels they have built their finest knives to date.

Missing Piece

The improved version of Joshua Jay’s Prediction Piece!

Multiplying Bottles

Start multiplying your laughs today!

Napkin Rose Cube

150 NAPKIN ROSE Refills - 30 each of Red, Yellow, Pink, White and Purple.

Napkin Rose: Refills
50 napkins ready to be transformed into beautiful red roses!
Note Pad Surprise 2.0

If you liked the old Note Pad Surprise, you are going to LOVE the Note Pad Surprise 2.0! Over the years, many customers asked for a more "life like" looking mouth. Well, now the Note Pad Surprise 2.0 has a great "V" shaped mouth and better handling! Watch the new demo to see the new mouth in action!! Same great effect, still NO Switches and now a new "bendy" mouth!

Out To Dinner

This elegant accessory allows you to perform effects based on the "Out to Lunch" principle while maintaining your image as a classy performer

Perfect Vanish

It's your "roll" to mystify and enchant.

Pro PK Magic Kit

Make matches stand in a spectator's hand, stop watches, and more...

Pro Secco

A production holder for flutes and small bottles.


The ultimate bar bet - you'll never lose!

Restaurant Act DVD
R. Paul Wilson gives an entire course in the art of Restaurant Magic.
Restaurant Worker's Handbook

Make Money Doing Restaurant Magic!

Roller Coaster

Now Shiping!

A stunning coin through glass

Salt Trick

The famous salt pour effect has never been easier!

Senses by Christopher Wiehl

A wildly smart gimmick that allows you to use an ordinary restaurant sauce cup as a rattle box, change box, vanisher, and much more!

Skycap 2.0

Now examinable BEFORE and AFTER!

Squash! DVD

Perform it in almost any situation and leave your spectators with a unique souvenir.

Stir Crazy by Dan Hauss

Stir Crazy is a fresh effect from Dan Hauss, the creative genius who brought you Rubbér Thruhand and Flow. This mind-boggling visual miracle allows you to unwrap a drinking straw, visually TWIST the stripe on it, and then return it to normal.

Was: $16.95
Now: $9.95
On Sale
Stretcher by Jay Sankey

Shocking magic with a BORROWED item!

Sweet DVD

An initialed coin or borrowed ring vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed sweetener packet that has been in view the whole time.

Sweetly Done

The coin to sugar packet effect on steroids, adding a visual element that looks like trick photography.

Taste Conditions

This mesmerizing and innovative effect is actually simple, but the psychological impact is dramatic!

The Impossible Box

The PERFECT walk-about and close-up effect. Never throw away your old playing cards again. Use them for this amazing routine by Ray Roch.


The sudden appearance of a filled champaigne glass is a completely baffling effect. Toastmaster is an astonishing effect that will get gasps!

Top Shelf

Everything you need to get started in performing at top end night clubs, restaurants, and bistros.

Trick Or Treat

Make candy and gum pop into view like magic!

Twister Flavor

Gum magic at its most visual!

Vanishing Beer Bottles
The finest in vanishing bottles anywhere in the world!
Vanishing Champagne Bottle

A classy vanish.

Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
Norm Nielsen has perfected the vanishing bottles.
Vanishing Ketchup Bottle
Even close-up, these bottles look so much like real glass.
Vanishing Life Saver

Viking has resurrected this classic - once a favorite of Okito!

Vice by Jeff Prace


But, can you eat it?

Was: $29.95
Now: $19.95
On Sale

An impossible souvenir made from two signed coffee stirrers!