Liquid Effects


Lance Burton performed Airborne on TV and Killed!

$30.00 - $60.00
Airborne Wine And Glass

With the clear glass there appears that there is nothing to hide!

And All Will Be Consumed

A very visual method for the coin in bottle effect that allows you to perform the effect under test conditions.



Astonishing Bottle

The perfect opener for parlor or stage!

Bottle Through Table

Push a bottle through any table top.

Bottoms Up

An ordinary empty water bottle levitates and stands upright in the palm of your hand!


Imagine taking the cap from one bottle and penetrating it through another SEALED bottle, While it's in your spectators hand. They see the cap sink to the bottom of the sealed bottle. What's more they can keep the bottle as a souvenir!


Another incredible creation from the undisputed ?King of Bar Magic.?

Coffee Break

You are in a coffee shop and have been asked to do some magic, but you don't have "anything" on you.

Comedy Glass In Paper Cone
One of the best tricks for kids with liquid.
Cup Zero

Imagine being able to float on stage a cup full of liquid in the mid air and many heavy objects full of their own contents...

Deluxe Milk Glass

Milk amazingly leaves the glass.

Extra Shot

Produce a FULL shot glass from your egg bag, paper bag or even your pocket!

Figurine: Refills

Refill props for The Figurine. 3 different figures made in two sizes.
No instructions are INCLUDED.

Flow: Refill

Refill for Dan Hauss' Flow.

Gator Sealed

Now you can factory seal a Gatorade® bottle in less than 10 seconds!

Glass Mirage
An empty bottle is lightly touched and instantly it becomes filled with Beer or Soda, and is magically recapped and air-tight!
Healed and Sealed Soda 2.0 DVD

An empty and crushed can of soda magically restores and refills before the eyes of the spectators.

In The News

The magician folds the newspaper again and pours a glass of water into it...

Infiltration by Martinka Magic

A borrowed bottle, a signed coin, a mind-blowing coin in bottle!

Insta-Snow Powder

Insta-Snow is an amazing superabsorbent powder that looks like real snow when you simply add a small amount of water!


Step up to the bar, sit down and be prepared to be knocked off your seat!

Liquid Insert Bladder
Permitting liquid to be poured from a bottle before vanishing.
Lota Bowl

The flow of the water never seems to end!

Milk Pitcher: Crystal Cut
Vanish milk into thin air!
Mirror Glass Pro

A classic magic trick allowing for myriad further uses!


The coffee is completely GONE.

Multum In Parvo: Deluxe

Multum In Parvo literally means Much In Little.

OOM: Oil of Milk

The one and only original OOM. It looks like milk.

Pro Secco

A production holder for flutes and small bottles.

Skycap 2.0

Now examinable BEFORE and AFTER!

Slush Powder
Turn any liquid into, well...slush! This fast-acting powder is one of the most versatile and powerful utility items around.
Splash Bottle 2.0 by David Stone & Damien Vappereau

Splash Bottle is a gimmick that makes miracles happen!

Super Coke (Half)

This is the Rolls Royce of all cola latex bottles! 

Taste Conditions

This mesmerizing and innovative effect is actually simple, but the psychological impact is dramatic!

Tea Kettle

A strikingly beautiful 2 Quart metal tea pot!

The Cocktail

Perform the classic effect, Sands of the Desert, now with liquids!

The No Way Bottle Production DVD

Imagine this; you are wearing no jacket on plain stage. No table, no chairs, nothing. You show a red handkerchief and then a white one. Next you briefly cover your empty right hand and instantly produce a real wine bottle production out of nothing. No Way! 


The sudden appearance of a filled champaigne glass is a completely baffling effect. Toastmaster is an astonishing effect that will get gasps!

Vanishing Beer Bottles
The finest in vanishing bottles anywhere in the world!
Vanishing Bowl of Water

The bowl of water has vanished!

Vanishing Champagne Bottle

A classy vanish.

Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle
Norm Nielsen has perfected the vanishing bottles.
Vanishing Ketchup Bottle
Even close-up, these bottles look so much like real glass.
Water Pull
Pour real liquid in your fist and when you open your hand the liquid has vanished.