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Six changes from two cards.


A killer effect combined with an ingenious handling!

Was: $20.00
Now: $9.95
It's a card trick. But what a card trick!
Five bike-riding Jokers are shown back and front...
One of the most entertaining and utterly mystifying routines that can be performed with a small packet of cards.
An unexplainable card penetration.
One of the best-selling packet tricks of all time!
A powerful, professional routine based on the world's most famous scam
A large envelope containing a prediction is placed in full view...

John Bannon's classic mental card transposition - reloaded.

The Ultimate Floating Card
Imagine you're holding a lousy poker hand...
A trick from the pocket of Reed McClintock!
Harry Anderson's outstanding routine with built-in comedy, surprises and souvenirs!

A beautiful collection of card magic, 50 years in the making.