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C2P - The Cards to Pocket


7 DVD's. 22 hours of material. + Bonus Downloadable 100 Page PDF of Extra Material.


Ten freely chosen cards vanish from your bare hands and appear in your pocket. Even as the spectator's count the cards, hold your wrists and check your pockets, the cards still travel, one by one, in clusters and often visually.


Learning just one routine thoroughly can teach you everything you need to know about magic - from presentation, manipulation, stagecraft, misdirection, palming, to gaff approaches and self-working techniques.


Steve spent years researching everything he could find on Card to Pocket, literally scanning over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS worth of books, pamphlets and magazines to find the greatest method for this classic trick. He has not only discovered a vast amount of untapped material, but he has created a huge amount of new, fresh, visual material and routines that take the C2P plot to the next level, turning a simple trick into an incredible performance piece. AND HE'S FIXED THE PROBLEM OF THE FINAL THREE.


Suitable for close-up, parlor and/or stage, C2P gives you 5 to 10 minutes of golden entertainment at your fingertips, at a moment's notice.


Nothing's been held back. From the contents of these discs, you will be able to create a stunning routine of your own.




Steve's "Cloth" uses simple gimmicks which can be made in less than a minute - gimmicks that elevate this classic effect to miracle status.


Pull one, two or three cards using the cloth, each in a unique way - your choice!


Imagine being able to show the hanky before, during and after the penetrations - FROM BOTH SIDES!


Also includes an encyclopedia of "Card through Hanky", with methods and effects culled from the last 100 years of magic literature.


Revealed are incredible, little-known handlings and effects, which allow you to ALWAYS be able to perform this effect. Steve has included gags, business and non-card effects using a regular hanky so you can create the perfect routine to suit your needs. 


3+ hours of material. Two years in the making. One incredible product.

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