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100% Sankey has never been reprinted since its original appearance in 1990.

More of the Apocalypse...
Over 285 card effects, over 100 coin effects, over 100 other items, plus articles and editorials!

The Complete, Ultimate Paul Harris Collection.


Paul`s classics.

A must for the serious close up magician!
Never has there been a more articulate manifesto declaring magic a true art.

The most comprehensive magic teach-in ever assembled.


Prepare to fool your audiences!

Was: $39.95
Now: $29.95

Continue fooling your audiences.

A skillful combination of fascinating biographical detail and carefully described magical secrets.

This book helped set the tone for what card magic would look like in the Eighties, and beyond!

Imagine a collection of material that is perfectly crafted for real-world use.
50 of his "greatest tricks"!
After almost a quarter of a century, the wait is over for a book of magic from Harry Riser!