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SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2018



A once in a lifetime opportunity. A 6-hour* in-person seminar on a modern master's repertoire - taught by the man himself.

*There will be an additional 1 hour lunch break


Asi Wind will teach everything in his new book Repertoire - two decades worth of practical miracles.

His magic is as fair as it gets - as if the magic happens by itself. Get ready to learn never-before-seen underground material, and also several of his modern classics, now with improved handlings.


You will learn:

  • Time Is Money - A borrowed, signed bill vanishes and reappears under a spectator’s wristwatch. 
  • A.W.A.C.A.A.N. - Asi's any card at any number. 
  • Out of the Blue - Nearly impromptu version of “Brainwave.” 
  • True Colors - Color divination of a shuffled deck. 
  • Somebody Stop Me - Under test conditions card divination. 
  • S.A.C.A.A.N. - Shuffled any card at any number. 
  • A Coin Trick - Predicting the locations of two freely selected cards. 
  • Double Exposure - A Triumph effect with a borrowed phone (with additional handling and features details). 
  • Catch 23 - A Chair Test that doesn’t use chairs, combined with a Bank Night, where the contents of the envelopes are related to the people onstage
  • The Trick That Never Ends - A spectator cuts to any card he names. 
  • Selected, Torn, Marked, Stabbed, Crumpled, Burnt, Restored, & Transported Page - A spectator chooses a book from a bunch of books. A chosen page is torn out of the book, it gets burned, and it reappears in the book, burnt edges and all. 
  • Make no Mistake - A visual color change that corrects two (intentional) mistakes. 
  • Crossing Over - A spectator removes a group of cards from the pack and is asked to think of one of them. That card vanishes and reappears reversed in the middle of the pack. 
  • Back Flip - A spectator blindly reverses a card in the deck, and that card happens to be the card he named. 
  • Remote Control - Divining two cards that have been removed from different parts of the deck beyond the spectator's back. 
  • Folded Under Pressure - A deceptive way to secretly fold a card into fourths. 
  • Sloppy Seconds Force - A useful nonchalant force. 
  • Not-So-Straight Triumph - Two triumph effects back to back. 
  • S.C.A.A.N. - Shuffled card at any number. 
  • Lucky 13 - A new treatment to a classic plot that has been attributed to Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser "suit selection." 
  • Tango - A sympathetic effect with two decks and a surprise kicker.
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