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Add a FLASH to your performance!


Vernet's perfect hiding system for billiard-style balls to be used in your multiplying and manipulation acts.


Mentalism and candy - what could be sweeter?



Make a donut appear!


This elegant accessory allows you to perform effects based on the "Out to Lunch" principle while maintaining your image as a classy performer


Discover your inner creative genius!


An excellent way to carry AND protect your decks.

This is the magic chemical.
Refill for Visual Penetration or Rabbit Explosion effects.

Small, lightweight, and designed with strolling magicians in mind!

Great for signed card effects!

Hide this ANYWHERE and create an absurd amount of smoke remotely. 


The best attributes of past reels combined with brand new ideas and technology.


For the first time ever with David Penn's revolutionary design of Topit...Vanish, Steal & Ditch.

Add a touch of class.