Word Work II by Alain Nu

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This release reveals several original methods, focusing specifically on Alain Nu’s favorite impromptu work on the book test. Learning these techniques will enable you to perform a powerful arsenal of book test effects under the most challenging conditions.


Spectators can now literally approach you with their own book, magazine or newspaper, and yet you will still be able to meet their challenge by presenting one of several word-test effects, with no extra preparation.


In 1994, Alain discreetly published a treatment of impromptu book test ideas, some of which have since become well sought-after underground classics. These have been kept “under the radar” from the magic mainstream, but now exclusively under his new Shop Of Secrets banner, Nu has released his most updated work on all this, most of which has never been published before.


Most gimmicked book tests sold on the market are costly— here Alain Nu provides you with enough information to perform amazing/word test presentations with anyone’s borrowed book for far less than usual price. Like all powerful mystery demonstrations, the material learned in these instructions will take some practice and rehearsal in order to do well, but it is clear that the benefits here outweigh the cons.


Highlights include:


1) Ten thought-provoking principle guidelines and philosophical stances that may make you reconsider your style of performing book tests altogether.

2) Seven different “complete effects” that explore impromptu book test / word test possibilities. The integrity of each is able to stand alone as its own separate presentation.

3) A wide range of unusual methods explored, from using subtle physical blocking and audience control techniques, to easy, yet diabolical, principle-based equations.

4) Very detailed explanations along with clear photographs, making it extremely easy to understand each motivation for each principle taught.

5) The seventh effect is a “bonus effect” by Alain’s close friend, Professor Kevin Dunn, which involves poetry. It is one of Alain’s favorite “performance art” mentalism routines.


This may be Nu’s LAST manuscript for a good while, as the direction of his focus seems to be changing once again.

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