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Hand them your magic wand and it breaks apart in their hands!
The Beautiful 100% Metal Black Wand magically dances in the air around the magician.
Tickle your child helper as you clean them off. Use this as a running gag throughout your kids show.
At anytime during your performance, you pick up this magic wand and shoot fire across the stage (up to 15 feet) which then bursts in midair!
Kids love it! Great giveaway item!
For use with the Needle Thru Balloon effect, the Lubricated Needle Wand is the perfect holder.
One wand becomes...5!

Small, lightweight, and designed with strolling magicians in mind!


The Sharpie Pen Wand!

An elegant magic wand suitable for close-up performances.
An elegant magic wand suitable for performances.
One of the Funniest Magic Wands You'll Ever Use!
With a wand and a rabbit YOU ARE a magician.
A solid Magic Wand vanishes or changes into one or two silks and also streamers or confetti.

This wand is an excellent addition to all of your on-stage and close-up magic acts.