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Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen (SOFT COVER)

Two years ago EXPERIENCE zipped out of print in a matter of months. Why? Because word got around that one of the most creative minds in magic--London's Jon Allen--had tipped his ENTIRE repertoire.

Genius of Robert Harbin: Book

Robert Harbin is a name that towers over the world of magic. His original stage illusions are familiar, even to laymen, in all parts of the world.

Great Illusions of Magic

For the first time ... an illusion book with PROFESSIONAL draftsman?s plans!

Handsome Jack, etc.

The tricks of a male model heart

How To Levitate

Learn how to levitate on the street, in your living room or on stage.

Mike Caveney Wonders & The Conference Illusions

A treasured legacy, bound for you.

My Canes and Candles

You'll learn everything you ever needed to know about Fantasio's appearing and vanishing canes, candles and wands.

Newspaper Magic: Revised Edition

The Revised Edition of a classic tome, NEWSPAPER MAGIC by Gene Anderson and Frances Marshall.

Performing Magic Book

This is a book for those who want to perform magic successfully in the real world.It is the only magic book in history that teaches you, step-by-step, how to create a magic act from start to finish: from initial conception to walking out in front of an audience.

Professional Stage Pickpocket
Secrets by Anthony Owen

Anthony Owen is a creative force to be reckoned with!

Tarbell Course in Magic: Set of Volumes 1-8

The most respected course in magic!

Was: $240.00
Now: $216.00
On Sale
The Complete Jarrett

A spectacular new edition of Jarrett's controversial 1936 text on stage illusion.

The Secret Illusion Show

What is The Secret Illusion Show?

Visual Comedy

Essential for the entertainer!