Ultimate News Tear

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Ultimate News Tear
by Max Londono

While every great newspaper tear has its very own outstanding feature, it took Londono to incorporate every feature and combine them into one smooth trouble-free tear.

You receive a kit which contains templates to show where to fold the paper - where weights are to be glued in, a tool to perforate the un-gimmicked paper, a complete sample set of papers, including the drawings show each and every move as performed Londono.The little details that are usually hard to follow are fully explained in this 11-page manuscript. The best part of all is that you can prepare as many papers in advance as you so desire. (Many of the other paper tears had to be prepared minutes before the show.) Max prepares 25 at a time.

As to some of the outstanding features:

1. You show both sides of a single paper, such as The New York Times, to be completely unprepared.

2. The paper is always torn - cleanly - no talent or practice required.

3. The restoration is completely automatic - we mean automatic - no fumbling - no wires - just hold on to the corner and let 'er go! Woah! The paper is restored before you can blink your eyes - no fooling!

4. The outstanding feature is that you may now show both sides of the paper to be completely restored. No bulges. No fear of "flashing."

All we can say is, if you have wanted to do a newspaper tear and have had trouble following instructions or problems in preparing the newspaper, get Londono's Ultimate News Tear! Everything you need is supplied. Even comes with a sample prepared paper.

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