Any Card by Alain Nu

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SKU: NU-102

Any Card

by Alaln Nu


One of Alain’s most prized reputation-makers this is the effect that helped to tip the scale to Alain’s favor before he was signed for FOUR hours of TV specials with the TLC network! Learn all about Alain’s experience with his most diabolical methods to the classic Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN). Any Card..., uncovers 12 full years of developing and performing Alain’s own personal touches on this most incredible premise.

Here's what it contains:

1) Alain’s detailed handling of his solution to the classic Berglas Effect, which he simply calls, "Any Card..." A randomly thought-of card is found at a random number from the top, or face, of an examinable deck, under the watchful eye of a very skeptical audience! 

2) Seven essays, integral to Alain’s philosophy of ACAAN. These cover important presentational considerations, creative concepts, subtleties, anecdotes, opinions, and objectives of the ACAAN effect that are often never addressed.

3) One entire chapter which details three original displacement techniques as well as three original casual false mixes (w/ photos and illustrations). 

4) An entire chapter dedicated to 6 different variations and related effects, three of which are easy to do and can be learned in under 30 minutes!

5) 52 full pages, on 8.5" X 11", very clearly written. Plus a BONUS EFFECT: Any Card Thru Table (and into the awaiting hand of a stunned spectator!).


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