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Sunday December 4th at 4:30PM


Kiko Pastur is an illusionist from Spain. Creator of magic shows, books and lectures worldwide. His style is marked by a challenge to the imagination, the purity of the means and innovation in the art of magic.


Kiko is for me the essence of poetic sensitivity in magic. And the originality in their tricks, acts and magical-poetic-musical shows”Juan Tamariz


He has worked on projects such as Neuromagic, Jornadas of Escorial, NadaxAquí (Channel 4 TV in Spain), TEDx talk, and has chaired the Spanish National Magic Congress in A Coruña 2010.

Winner of several national awards (CMN Almería 1999, San Sebastián CMN 2002 Almussafes 2005 and 2007) and international (FFAP Arcachon 2006 and 3º prize cardmagic in FISM Stockholm 2006)


KIKO PASTUR Lecture at Tannen's


Kiko Pastur lecture will show you a unique approach to stimulate your sensitivity, to defy yourself with extremely challenging methods and to explore the imagination in the art of magic.


Innovative tricks, plots, techniques and inspirational theories, most of them just using a regular deck of cards.


Estimated running time: 3 hours.

Level: intermediate / advanced



LECTURE CONTENTS: ( listing/description of some specific effects included in the lecture)


Kiko will perform and explain his "Magic Castle act":

1. Matrix Pills: a red pill visually dissapears on a open hand.
2. Blowing Aces: four aces emerge one by one from the deck, just blowing towards the spread. 
3. No time, only images: a kind of “Wild Card” with a poetic speech, where the aces change several times like reflections of other cards.
4. Suit of Alice: a very astonishing version of “Suit Apparition”, inspired in Alice in wonderland.
5. Through the Looking Glass: “Do as a I do” trick, using a imaginary mirror.

Moreover, he will perform and explain innovative versions of classic plots in cardmagic, playing with new theories, sophisticated techniques and methods, and
ways to captivate and keep a state of fascinated perception.

6. Dreamcatcher: a very deceptive version of "Collectors" with a dreaming plot.
7. No one is invisible: a surreal and remarkable version of the classic “Invisible Palm (Open travellers)” with only four aces and a imaginary woman.

8. The invisible green monkey: A funny and cutting edge “Invisible Deck” version for a regular deck of cards. 
9. Eldron's Assembly 2.0: an impromptu “Hozfinser's ace assembly (McDonalds aces)" extremely clean.
10. Kanibals: impromptu Canibals cardtrick in unbelievable fair conditions.

11. Without this world: Quick and clever version of “Out of this World”.

12. Beyond lieu: A mind blowing cardtrick: a deck appears in complete order after several shuffles from a spectator, and his chosen card, that he puts in the middle, matches in its very place of perfect order.

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