R. Paul Wilson - Ask Me Anything

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TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

7:00 P.M. @ Tannen's



What is an AMA?


AMA is the modern abbreviation for “Ask Me Anything”


Why an AMA instead of a lecture?


My goal is to share as much as I can in the time we have together - stories, tricks, methods, solutions, challenges and experience. In recent years I’ve found the format of an AMA far more productive than a traditional trick/explanation lecture.


Will there be tricks?


Of course - I will be bringing some of my favorites - a moving hole matrix on a signed card, a solution for well-known classic, think of a card routines, coin effects and other close up miracles.


Will it be a “sales pitch”?


There will be notes on DVD with all of the material and a lot more taught clearly for a very fair price but it is not a two hour jam auction.


Should I bring questions?




About what?


You choose - if I don’t know, we can still discuss the topic. If I am not at liberty to reveal secrets, I won’t but there’s so much more we can talk about than how stuff is done.


Does an AMA work?


Absolutely - so far it’s been a hit and much more rewarding than the typical lecture/show for me and my audiences.


What if no one asks any questions?


It could happen and that’s okay too - I have PLENTY of magic to perform and discuss!

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