Mike Pisciotta Lecture

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

7:00 p.m. @ Tannen's


Mike Pisciotta is a magician based in Los Angeles, CA. Mike is a two-time winner of the pretigious Close-Up Magician of the Year award by the Academy of Magical Arts. When not performing for an impressive list of corporate and celbrity clients, Mike serves as the only resident bar magician for the AMA at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.


In his lecture Mike will discuss a range of effects and routines utilizing playing cards and coins. He will discuss performance theory and techniques for making your magic as powerful as possible. Mike's lecture has something for all skill levels.


Some of the effects Mike will teach include:

  • Mike's Opener - Showing off a bit of skill, a one-handed cut finds the wrong card, and a fancier cut has the same result. So, the first card changes to find the selection.
  • The Time Lord - This three-phase routine is one of Mike's most requested at the Magic Castle.
  • Jokers Thru Time - A card appears face-down among four face-up jokers. And get this... the card set aside earlier... no, it's not the selected card... it's all four jokers! And where they were a moment ago, that is the selected card. This is Mike's version of the Alex Elmsley classic "Between Your Palms."
  • Three Way Play - A real workers "Coins Across." This is Mike's favorite walk-around effect.
  • Boxing Match - An impromptu "Card thru Box" using borrowed decks.
  • Coming Up - A selected card rises out of the middle of the deck with no gimmicks and no threads.
  • Flying Sandwich - A transposition sandwich routine that fools magicians.
  • Simple Evanescence - A repeat, no palm card to wallet effect. Super clean and instantly repeated while the wallet is in full view.
  • And more!

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