David Malek Lecture


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

7:00 @ Tannen's


David Malek is a professional magician and entertainer. He is considered one of the world's foremost experts on game protection; his sleight-of-hand skill with cards and dice is legendary. Mr. Malek puts on presentations for law enforcement, casino personnel and celebrity clients. He works as a gambling consultant for film and television productions, as well as giving demonstrations and entertaining at trade shows, hospitality suites and numerous corporate events for a variety of Fortune 500 companies annually. 


It’s extremely rare when the combination of super skill meets entertainment at a world-class level. In David Malek you get that and more. To give you an idea when David first came to the Magic Castle in his early twenties he was made a performing member without an audition. 


By attending David's lecture you will learn how to properly incorporate acting, theater, comedy and improvisation into your magic performance. David's expertise makes use of all four performance arts. He only offers critical real-world instruction that will in short order take your performing skills to a professional level. Would you want any other type? 


Learn to execute effortless passes, invisible palms, perfect pinky counts, real riffle stacking, false deals and deceptive double lifts. David reinforces utility moves you already know, but you rarely perform properly. Imagine if you really could do it effortlessly. You've always wanted to and now David shows you the proper technique to make it easy.


David teaches you how to approach spectators in a variety of venues such as restaurants, banquets, corporate meetings, tradeshows and hospitality suites. The first twenty-seconds of your approach are the most important. Learn the simple secrets that will have spectators asking you to do magic for them.


Incorporate spectator comments into your show and routine, both formally and informally. David's technique for being impromptu helps you to project confidence, so that you sound intelligent during your performance. 


Learn to break down a routine and analyze its various aspects including its strengths and weaknesses. Sure you can do this but can you build it back up to make the effect a winner?

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