Kidding Around 2-DVD Set

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Kidding Around 2-DVD Set
by Chris Capehart and Kozmo Magic

Chris Capehart is one of the most successful Magic Performers in the World. On this 2 DVD set, Chris performed his hilariously funny kids show.

Chris will perform and explain:

* Cards for Kids
* Misers Dream*
* Coloring Book
* Matilda and the Lola Bowl
* Sponge Balls
* Hoppin Spots
* Botanica
* The Rings*
* Change Bag
* Fraidy Cat Rabbit and more...

*performance only

After the show Chris talks about all of the things that are important to make a kids show successful and what makes HIS so special.

Bonus Material - Tricks Performed & Explained:
* The Silk Vanish
* The Incredible Shrinking Head

Disk One - Running Time Approximately 108min
Disk Two - Running Time Approximately 60min

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