Jennings '67

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Jennings '67
by Richard Kaufman

Six years in the making, Jennings '67 contains vintage magic with cards by the late Larry Jennings. Under the tutelage of Dai Vernon, Jennings developed many unique routines, which were kept from publication for decades. Seventy of these miracles (including some by Vernon) have been collected in a hardbound book of card magic for everyone from beginner to expert.

Pages 254 - Hardbound w/ Dust Jacket


Forward (Harvey Rosenthal)

Easy Does It, Mr. Jennings:
Another Four-Card Trick
Impossible Divination No. 1
Impossible Divination No. 2
Monarchs' Quartette: Version One
Jennings' Overhand Shuffle Jog Technique
Lin Searles' Autobreak
Monarchs' Quartette: Version Two
Red/Black Flyer, Version one
Red/Black Flyer, Version two
Re-Turned Touch Turn: Dai Vernon Handling
Re-Turned Touch Turn: Larry Jennings Handling
Another Winning Hand
A Gambler Holds Out the Aces
Jennings' Slip Cut Technique

Some Tools:
Jennings' Double Pushoff Technique
Immediate Bottom Placement
Full Deck Handling
Small Packet Handling
LJ Angle Steal Multiple Shift
LJ Swing Cut Multiple Shift
Dad Stevens' Other Shuffle
The Circle Shift
The Circle Top Palm
The Bevel Top Palm

Experiments with the Gambler's Cop:
'67 Transposition
1967 Version
1996 Version
The Six/Four Count Cart to Pocket
The Gambler's Cop
The Six/Four Count Card Across
Houdini Card Escapes Again

Meditations on the Princess Card Trick:
Card to Pocket Princess: Version One
Card to Pocket Princess: Version Two
The '65 Card Staggerer: Version One
The '65 Card Staggerer: Version Two
Reconstructing the Professor's Princess
Method One (Vernon)
Tent Vanish Glimpse
Method Two (Jennings)
Paddle Move Glimpse
Method Three (Vernon & Jennings)
The Flick Glimpse
Method Four (Vernon, Jennings, and Goodwin)

Generally Mysterious:
Depth Thrust I
A Subtle Getready for the Depth Illusion
Depth Thrust II
Jennings' Two-Step Side Steal
Search and Stop
Marlo's "Search" Technique
The Los Angeles Hop
Red/Black Shuffle Revelation
Jordan's Overhand Red/Black Shuffle
The Transmuted Cards
The Transmuted Deck
Jennings' Technique on the Houdini/Erdnase Transformation
The Wrong Place at the Right Time
Version One
Version Two
Version Three
Larry Whistles and Slides
Version One
Version Two
Seven-Card Monte

Meditations on Revolutions:
Swindle Four-King Triumph
Vernon's Creeping Reverse
The Creeping Aces
The Truthful Triumph
Tenkai's Optical Reverse
The '65 Aces
D'Amico's Multiple Shift
Vernon's Advanced Stripout Addition
LJ's Instant Spell

Evolution of a Classic Routine: "Invisible Palm Aces":
Invisible Palm Aces No. 1 (The Molecular Aces)
Finley Tent Vanish
The Wave Production
The Tent Palm
Invisible Palm Aces No. 2
Tabled D'Amico Spread
Invisible Palm Aces No. 3 (The Appearing Aces)
Small-Packet Hofzinser Bottom/Top Change
Gambler's Cop Vanish
Invisible Palm Aces No. 4 (The Numerical Travellers)
Invisible Palm Aces No. 5 (The Lonesome Travellers & The Alpha Count Travellers)
Snap Palm
The Alpha Count
Bottom Palm Vanish
Invisible Palm Aces No. 6
Invisible Palm Aces to Pockets
Version One
Version Two

Meditations on "The Ace Assembly":
Royal Puzzle
The Christ Aces Redone
The Simple Stencel
Version One
Drop Sleight with Verdnase Break
Version Two
The Jennings/Collins Aces

Meditations on "Twisting the Aces":
The '65 Twist
The Ouagadougou Twist
Leaving the Body
Pineapple Surprise '70
Small-Packet Handling of the Mechanical Reverse
Jennings' Double-Lift Getready
Pineapple Surprise '92 No. 1
Bro. John Hamman's Two as Four Count
Pineapple Surprise '92 No. 2
Pineapple Surprise _au naturale_
The Misdirective Outjog Switch

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