Dragon's Breath: Hell's Fire

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Dragon's Breath: Hell's Fire

A.K.A. Hell's Fire - lycopodium powder. When squirted through an open flame, this fine powder creates a jet of fire. The flame burns really clean also.

A sensational startling effect to use ANYTIME during your act - and as often as you wish! You point your finger at a lighted candle or match, and a tremendous ball of fire immediately explodes into eye-searing brilliancy!

No reloading for each flash, no complicated and tricky spring devices to load and set. Nothing to get out of order. Keep the easily-handled gimmick safely in any convenient position until you are ready to use. Then - JUST DO IT!

Use it for an attention-getting opening flash, blinding middle-of-the-act misdirection. Any place you do a trick you can use Hell's Fire.

Adults only.

Tannen's Magic, Inc., is not liable for any misuse and any injury that may incur due to carelessness on the part of the performer and will not sell it to anyone under the age of 18.

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