Smoke and Mirrors: Rick Marcelli

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Smoke and Mirrors: Rick Marcelli
by Rick Marcelli

A collection of secrets, insights, tips, valuable lessons, experiences and "True Hollywood Stories" that Rick Marcelli experienced talent buyer, and TV Producer. Rick has represented some of the biggest names in music, acting, comedy and magic. Most notably, he launched the career of the biggest star the magic world has ever known, Mr. David Copperfield.

Rick Marcelli, the most successful manager in Magic history, reveals the "real magic" behind the most successful careers in Magic.

How do I get started in professional magic?
What is the difference between an act and a star?
What does it take to be a star?
How do I find a manager?
Who would be the best manager for me?
How do I package my act?
What is the right act for me?
SMOKE AND MIRRORS answers these questions and more. In his new book, RICK MARCELLI provides you with a blueprint for your success.

RICK MARCELLI has kept the secrets in a vault under tight security for almost 3 decades. Finally through the written word Marcelli breaks his code of silence to reveal for the first time in Magic History the Secrets on how to become a Star with Magic.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS is a must read for anyone trying to reach for the Stars. RICK MARCELLI will not only strap you in the rocket of success, he shows you how to land your ship on the mother lode of success. SMOKE AND MIRRORS is a must have for anyone in show business. A must for anyone who wants to be number one in their field of Magic.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS has been written by the only person who knows where all the secrets have been buried. The Secrets RICK MARCELLI reveals in Smoke & Mirrors are Secrets only a few know and now you can possess them yourself.

Pages 138 - Softbound

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