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25 amazing magic tricks with Scotch & Soda and Dime & Penny!
A complete course for beginners, amateurs and professionals.
The French magician David Stone is back... with a progressive lesson in Coin Magic.
Brian Platt explores strikes, pitches sleeves and 1 1/2 calorie mints.
Vanish a coin and make it appear under a spectator's watch.
Here's everything you need to know to start on the wonderful road of coin magic!
Now that you know the basics of expert coin magic, Volume Two furthers your schooling with intermediate sleights.
Perform the most visual coin bends ever seen.
What makes a trick an instant classic of magic?

Your invitation to magic mastery...

One of the most popular close-up magic tricks of all time.

Michael Afshin and Roy Kueppers present "MENAGE A 3" with Gaffed coins from "Roy Kueppers" and the following Routines Taught by Michael Afshin!

Three separate, complete coin effects that flow seamlessly into one cohesive routine.
Chris Capehart's Miser's Dream never fails to amaze and delight audiences!
MONEY. It's hard to imagine a better item to do magic with.