Bullseye DVD

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Bullseye DVD
by Brent Braun

So there you are hanging out in a pool hall or a pub, when someone wants to see something amazing. Never the type to disappoint, you have them select and sign a card. Then they shuffle it back into the deck.

With no idea where the card is, casually you walk over to the dart board, with the shuffled deck in one hand and a dart in the other. The cards are tossed into the air. The dart is thrown through the cards were it sticks into the dart board, with a little something special... their signed card!

No special decks
No special darts or dart boards
No palming
No stooges or assistants
Easy to do
Works every time
No dart board required
Pin the card to a tree, a wall or the neighbors cat.
Learn to do it close-up or on stage.

Running Time Approximately 37min

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